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How to Set Up Instagram Shopping [List]

How to Set Up Instagram Shopping [List]

There was a time when Instagram was meant to share the food pictures and the pictures of your pets only, but with time, the number of users has increased at an exponential scale. With the ever-increasing number of users, the businesses have been trying their luck on marketing their business products to that increased user base. In short, Instagram can be named as the hub for businesses to sell their products. On the other hand, the users are developing an increased sense of online shopping, and with this parallel rise, Instagram wasn’t left aside to understand this fact.

Recently, Instagram has added the new feature of the shopping list that allows the users to add their business offerings in the list. These features have been proving as an excellent mean for the B2C brands in selling their products, increasing the sales revenues, and increase the profit margins. This feature not only helps the businesses in selling their products to the followers but also boosts the website traffic to an exponential rate. According to the studies, the businesses have acknowledged a 1416% increase in the website traffic, and revenues have been increased to 20% with the shopping list feature.

In addition, the brand stickers can be customized as well to add the touch of personalization to the brand stories on Instagram. This will not only create the engagement, but the sales will be enhanced as well. So, if you are a B2C business, Buy Followers this feature can prove to be a game-changer for your business. So, have a look at the procedure on how you can use and set up the shopping posts. [READ: What is the Best Time to Post on Instagram 2020]

How to Set Up Instagram Shopping [List]

In the shopping posts, users have the liberty to add five products at a time and to add them, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  1. Go to the Instagram profile and choose the already uploaded photo
  2. In the tag section, add the product as a tag
  3. Once you tag, add the name of the product and when it appears in the search results, click on it
  4. Once you select the product name, click on done and the product will be tagged in the post without any long procedure and hassle

Now that you have learned about the post tagging of the products, let’s move on to the next procedure, which will enable you to add the product sticker in the stories. [READ: How to Start Beauty Parlour in India]

This feature is beneficial as it allows the businesses to add the shoppable products in the stories. Everyone knows that the stories can be pinned on the Instagram, and if you pin all the stories with the shoppable products, it will become an album of products just like on the websites. This will increase the engagement rate, and the sales will be enhanced as well. To add the product stickers to the Instagram stories, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  1. Open the story option and upload the photo or video from the gallery
  2. Click on the sticker icon and choose the product sticker. The sticker icon is at the top right corner of the screen
  3. Now, select the product which you wish to feature in the product catalog
  4. Now, adjust the position of the story just as you like

Instagram Shopping Channel

In the explore section of the Instagram, a new feature of the shopping channel has been added. In the explore section, there are rows of different tabs which has different niches added. In the list, you will find the shopping category in which you can add the shoppable products and other business offerings. Once you complete the incorporation, you will be able to preview. To be honest, it looks like a catalog. [READ: Original, Copies, Replicas and fakes, What is the difference?]


When it comes to adding the products to the channel or tagging the products, there are specific criteria that need to be followed. If you follow the criteria, you will be allowed to get yourself approved as the seller on Instagram. However, you need to keep in mind that the product channel is only available for the businesses that are trying to sell the physical goods. So now, let’s move to the criteria!

  • Instagram business profile
  • Meet the commerce policies of Instagram
  • Meet the merchant agreement of Instagram
  • BigCommerce or Shopify account

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