Do You Know We Have These Many Bra Types?

Do You Know We Have These Many Bra Types?

A bra is undoubtedly one of the most important pieces of clothing in your wardrobe.  

While knowing the correct size is important, you also need the right type of bra to get that perfect look. Just as your single pair of footwear doesn’t go with every outfit, the same is the case with the intimate wear. A single type of bra just doesn’t go with every outfit of yours. For instance, a T-shirt bra won’t go with your halter top, while you need seamless bras for body-hugging outfits. With so many types of bras available, it is but obvious to get confused. Well, this is where we come in!

Here is an ultimate guide that explains the 21 different types of bras!

Do You Know We Have These Many Bra Types?
  1. Padded Bras

Padded bras are perfect for giving a fuller look and preventing nipple show. These bras come with pads that lend your breasts a rounder shape. Also, padded bras are both underwired (for additional support) and non-wired (for an all-day comfortable experience).

2. T-shirt Bras

T-shirt brassieres are simply perfect to be worn under your everyday outfits. Offering a seamless and smooth look, they have underwires at times and are not necessarily padded. They can be donned under your body-fitting outfits as well because they don’t tend to leave an impression.

3. Push-up Bras

As the name suggests, this type of bra literally ‘pushes up’ your breasts and brings them closer to each other. These brassieres typically come with underwired cups in order to offer a gentle lift. Moreover, having angular padding tends to change the look and shape of your bosom. Depending upon your requirement, you can choose between padded and non-padded variants.

4. Underwired Bras

These types of bras come with wired cups, and are known to offer ultimate support and lift to your breasts. Underwired brassieres have both padded and non-padded cups to match different requirements. Underwires in these bras make your breasts look slightly perkier.

5. Multiway/Convertible Bras

Out of all the bra types available, a convertible (also called multiway) bra is undoubtedly the most useful. Having detachable straps, this type of bra paves way for multiple styling, thereby making it extremely versatile in nature. Due to adjustable straps, this bra can be changed to one-shoulder, racerback, halter or strapless.

6. Bralette

A comfy bralette is a must-have in your lingerie collection. Bralettes are typically a blend of a crop top and brassiere. Usually non-wired and non-padded with a slip-on style, this type of bras is absolutely comfortable and offers adequate support too. These bras can easily be worn as crop tops, or paired with a kimono or even shrug for that matter!

7. Strapless Bras

A staple for every intimate wear collection, a strapless bra, as the name suggests, comes without straps. In this bra, the main support comes from the underwired cups coupled with an internal silicone lining at the edges. However, before getting your hands on this type of bra, you need to get your measurements right. Ideal to be donned under halter tops or off-shoulder dresses, some of these brassieres also have wide backs or wire-reinforced side panels for added support.

8. Balconette Bras

Balconette bras derive their name from the term balcony owing to their neckline, which is formed due to the wide set of straps. Ideal for broad-neckline outfits, this type of bra offers a rounded appearance, apart from providing a gentle lift to your bosom. As compared to other styles, balconette bras offer little coverage.

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9. Front-open bras

Featuring a hook at the center gore instead of the back, front-open bras are quite popular because they are convenient to wear. As these bras don’t have hook-and-eye closures, you don’t feel uncomfortable while lying on your back. They also offer ultimate comfort and support, just like any other bra.

10. Halter Bras

A halter bra is pretty much self-explanatory. These bras either come with one strap that goes around the neck or straps that can be easily tied at the nape of the neck. These types of bras are ideal to be worn under racerback tees, strapless outfits, and tube tops. Moreover, some of the convertible brassieres have an option wherein they can be converted into halter-style bras.

11. Bandeau Bras

Bandeau bras, also known as tube bras (well, because of their similarity to tube tops), don’t come with any strap, padding or wire. These bras don’t even have hooks to fasten them, which makes them extremely comfortable. They are simply a strip of stretchable material that can be pulled over your bosom. Bandeau bras get adequate support from your shoulders and breasts, which is why it is important to ensure a proper trial before you purchase them. These brassieres are ideal for donning under racerback or tube tops.

12. Nursing Bra

Nursing bras, also known as maternity brassieres, are specially designed for breastfeeding women. These types of brassieres have cups with panels or flaps, thereby making them easier to open for breastfeeding your baby. These bras do away with the need of removing your entire bra. Made using smooth and breathable cotton fabric, nursing bras are absolutely comfortable. They are non-wired and non-padded as well in order to make you feel at ease during the nursing phase.

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13. Racerback Bra

If your love for crossover shirts, Y-style tees, and cool tank tops is never-ending, then a racerback bra is simply apt for your lingerie closet. Having a tank top like back, this bra is also suitable for all those girls who have trouble with bra straps slipping off from shoulders. They work perfectly under the outfits that have racerback necklines. The padded versions of these bras are comfortable during workout sessions as well.

14. Plunge Bras

Struggle with deep cut, V-neck and deep V-neck tops and tees is for real. Don’t you agree? But, this is where plunge bras come into picture. A must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, plunge bras come with demi-cups, thereby covering only one-third part of your breasts. Having a deep neckline to the centre gore, they also act as push-up brassieres offering additional support. Perfect for deep-neck, body-hugging tops, these bras do away with those ugly bra peeks.

15. Cage Bras

A sexy back was never out of vogue, which explains why cage bras are an important addition to your bra closet. Classic and contemporary, caged bras are perfect to make a style statement. These bras come with several straps on either back or front side. Available in a variety of styles, caged bras go perfectly with all types of outfits.

16. Sports Bras

A sports bra not only keeps your breasts in place, but also supports your back. Fitting snugly around the upper torso, sports bra doesn’t let your breasts bounce during your workout session. These bras also absorb sweat, thereby keeping you dry and cool. Moreover, they are available in three types, including low impact, medium impact and high impact. Hence, before purchasing one, it is important to understand the type of activity you indulge in. Read: 8 *Stylish* Ways To Wear A Bodysuit

17. Stick-on Bras

Like that backless sheer dress, but don’t know what to wear under it? Trust stick-on bras to solve your problem! These bras come with an adhesive along the wings and cups, which helps them stick seamlessly to your body. There are silicon stick-on bras as well, which don’t have side wings. Stick-on bras are perfect to be worn under strapless and backless outfits.

18. Transparent Bra

These bras come with transparent shoulder and back straps. This makes them absolutely apt to be worn under strapless outfits, which is why they must be added to your bra closet.

19. Bridal Bras

When you think of your wedding, the first thing that comes to mind is the wedding dress. Besides shopping for your dresses, footwear and cosmetics, you also need to make sure that your bra is comfortable and doesn’t peep through your outfit. This is where bridal bras come into picture. Not just this, they are ultra-sexy, lightweight and seamless. Also, bridal bras must not be missed while shopping for your trousseau.

20. Beginner’s Bras

A beginner’s bra is typically designed for young girls, and intended to be donned when the breasts are yet not large enough to support a standard brassiere. These bras are highly comfortable and don’t have pads, wiring or hooks. These lightweight bras have a slip-on style to make the ‘first bra’ experience absolutely hassle-free.

21. Full-figure Bras

Full-figure brassieres are ideal for heavy-breasted women as they offer complete coverage. Available in a variety of designs and patterns, these types of bras prevent top and side spillage and ensure maximum comfort.

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