Top Sneaker News: Vivienne Westwood Gives ASICS High Fashion Spin

Top Sneaker News: Vivienne Westwood Gives ASICS High Fashion Spin

This year ASICS hits high fashion with a unique Vivienne Westwood spin. Love the ASICS GEL-Kayano 5? Then you will love this flashy famed silhouette that is guaranteed to wow every and any athletic wear aficionado.


ASICS Enters Serious High Fashion

ASICS continues to renew its brand. Already known for being the top athletic shoes brand in basketball, tennis, and other high performance sports, ASICS consistently reinvents itself. From the latest reveal of the Hybrid GEL-5 Kayano sneakers to the “Triple White” sneaker drop this year, ASICS proves that it is ready to face the latest in fashion trends.

Punk and Powerful

Top Sneaker News Vivienne Westwood Gives ASICS High Fashion Spin

The Vivienne Westwood by the famed British designer truly breaks the mold. Set in various shades of red and deep burgundy, the shoes stand out on the courts and in the club. ASICS fans will adore the brilliant blue trim that lines the unique design. Navy laces and orange piping add to the overall look and hearken back to Westwood’s punk roots and overall New Wave style. [READ: Why choose clothing display table ]

At once the shoes are both whimsical and high fashion, ready to go to a gala or a game. Wearers of the Vivienne Westwood ASICS Gel Kayano will find that the shoe doesn’t skimp at all in design. With the high performance technology that ASICS wearers have come to expect, this footwear provides support, balance, and comfort in a unique punk New Wave package.

Comfortable and Innovative

Top Sneaker News Vivienne Westwood Gives ASICS High Fashion Spin

The new ASICS Gel-Kayano 5 sneakers boast the best of ASICS innovation and technology. With stability and comfort, the shoes allow each athlete the agility and power that they need. Besides this, for the fashionable sportswear connoisseur, the shoes make an indelible impression from the first glance.

Dame Vivienne Isabel Westwood has a long history of shocking fashion designs. Her synthesis of punk music and fashion shaped the 1970s British punk scene. She and Malcolm McLaren, the eventual manager of the Sex Pistols band, broke the mold, becoming the architects and designers of the punk phenomenon in a very anti-establishment way.

Westwood continues her stunning designs. Clients as diverse as Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and Pharrell Williams have donned the dame’s trendy threads. Despite her anti-consumerist antics, Westwood refuses to defend her high end fashion, seeing no conflict between expensive tastes in clothing and her attack on blatant consumerism. [READ: Fashion Essentials Everyone Should Have in Their Collection]

Westwood and ASICS

The marriage between Westwood and ASICS continues the designer’s interesting conflicting interests. On the one hand, the ASICS Gel-Kayano is a stunning mass produced product that will no doubt make waves throughout the high end fashion and sports arenas. On the other, the very collaboration seems to collide with Westwood’s vocal active resistance manifestos.

A Vibrant Addition to the ASICS Brand

No matter the intrigue behind the unapologetic avant-garde designer, everyone can agree that the new vibrant ASICS Gel-Kayano 5. The shoes have a bold mix of red and orange and electrifying blues and as always proves the superiority of ASICS sneaker innovation and design. The shoe is now available throughout select retailers. Be sure to add this incredible footwear to your own unforgettable collection.


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