Sweat In Style: How To Look and Feel Good In Gym

Sweat In Style: How To Look and Feel Good In Gym

Let’s be honest ladies, we all want to look good and feel good at all times. Even when we are sweating like pigs at the gym we want to like what we see in the mirror. In fact, looking good during an exercise can even give you that mental boost you need to complete your workout and be happy with your results. On days when you are tired and lack motivation, looking fashionable can really help. However, as we all know, looking your best at the gym is sometimes not that easy. While those Instagram models always look flawless in their T-shirts and leggings when posing in front of a treadmill, most of us look like we’ve been hit by the ugly stick with our red faces, sweat stains, messy hair and baggy gym clothes. Hey, I’m just being honest! Luckily, there are some simple ways you can look like a beautiful swan, and not an ugly duckling. If you want to look cute during a workout, just check out the following tips and you will never again have to hide from people you know on your way home from the gym.

A cute shirt goes a long way

 We all have those moments when we are ready to throw in the towel and go home to take a nap. However, a cute shirt with an inspiring message on it can not only boost your look but help you make it through those times when you feel like giving up. A motivation message can push you to hold plank just a few seconds longer and maybe do a few more pushups when you feel like you are done for the day. If you are not a fan of shirts that have something written on them, keep in mind that neon colors are so in style right now.  A simple yet flashy top, like a cool pink singlet, can give your outfit that pop of bright color and help you look amazing, even when you are out of breath.

Go with pastels

Pastels always look so elegant and pretty, so you cannot go wrong with pastel-colored workout clothes. If you are a girly girl and black is just not your color, going with these soft and gorgeous colors will help you stand out from the crowd and feel good about yourself.

Go for a color-coordinated look

 Instead of putting on the first thing you grab from your closet, put a bit of effort into your workout clothes and make sure they are color-coordinated. Whether you opt for different shades of the same color or match your top to your pants you will look chic even if you are wearing old leggings and your boyfriend’s shirt.

Patterned leggings make all the difference

It’s always good to have a pair of go-to leggings in your drawer for those days when you are just not in the mood to come up with a cute outfit. Patterned leggings have been in style for quite some time now, and the best thing about them is that you can wear them to run errands, to hang out with friends and to the gym. Choose a pair that is fun and colorful, like the one with a floral pattern or stripes, match it with a plain shirt (otherwise you will look like a walking circus) and you are good to go!

Classic with a twist

Sweat In Style How To Look and Feel Good In Gym

Almost every woman owns a pair of black leggings, but if you want to look little more stylish while burning those calories, nowadays you can find black leggings with the cut-out pattern on the side of the leg almost anywhere. They are cool, interesting and a perfect choice for any type of workout. With this item, you will be able to switch it up a little bit without straying too far from your usual look.

Why so blue?

One thing is certain, you can’t go wrong with a blue outfit, you just can’t. While most people wear black and grey shades, you will look more stylish and chic than anyone at the gym by rocking a blue outfit. If you opt for a navy blue combination your sweat stains won’t be noticeable at all, which is another huge plus.

So you see, looking stylish while working up a sweat is not as difficult as it seems. With some cute clothing items, you can drastically improve your look without even trying too hard.

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