When you consume extra calories and fatty foods they are converted into body fat and are deposited most likely on your belly, thighs, and hips. The fat cells primarily store energy. The body increases the number of fat cells and the size of fat cells to accommodate excess energy from high-calorie foods, especially when combined with a low activity lifestyle.

To achieve ‘Fitness without Fatness’, it is a challenging task to burn this excess body fat.

On entering the cells of the body, digested food molecules from Proteins, Carbs & fat are broken down in a series of steps to form carbon dioxide and water, release energy to be used by the body.

For doing this everyone has something called a basal metabolic rate – or BMR – which is the number of calories you burn while at rest necessary to maintain your vital organs in functioning order. It is equivalent to measuring fuel consumption of your car while the engine is idling when the car is standing still.

Your BMR represents about 60 to 75 percent of the calories you will burn in a day.

If you want to find your BMR – you can use online calculators. This will give you the average number of calories you burn in a day.

Now to lose 1 Kg of bodyweight you need to burn 7700 calories.

So, if you want to lose 10 Kg of bodyweight you need to burn 77000 ‘CALORIES’

You can just diet and lose weight: When you just diet initially carbohydrates from your body such as glycogen and glucose will burn to give you energy and only on exhausting stored carb energy in the form of Glycogen in the liver and muscles fat will start burning. This is why if you just diet and cut calories, without exercising, you may lose weight due to carbohydrate depletion but your body fat content may not change to a great extent and there is every chance that the weight you have lost may come back when you stop dieting.

Diet & Exercise To Burn Fat: Hence you must change your body composition and combine weight loss diet with exercise for effective long term weight loss,


How Much To Exercise And How Long?

Fat starts burning when you exercise for a longer period, ie a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes at a greater intensity so that carb energy stored in the body as glycogen is exhausted and fat starts burning.


What Is Your MHR? (Maximum Heart Rate):

You can calculate your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220. For example, if you’re 45 years old, subtract 45 from 220 to get a maximum heart rate of 175. This is the average maximum number of times your hearts should beat per minute during exercise. [READ: 4 Amazing Benefits Of Wearing A Waist Trainer ]

The American Heart Association recommends exercising with a target heart rate of 50 to 75 percent of your maximum heart rate for beginners, and for moderately intense exercise. You can work at 70 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate during vigorous activity. [READ: Types Of Sugar And Heart Disease]

To know how hard to exercise, you should rate your perception of your exertion when you exercise. To give you a general measure of how hard you are exercising while jogging, running on a treadmill, cycling, a scale known as Borg Rating of Perceived Exertion was developed which uses your feelings of strain & exertion rather than measures such as speed while running or cycling or comparing yourself to someone else.

Assign yourselves an exertion a number from 6 to 20 on the Borg Rating of Perceived Exertion scale (given below).

The scale starts at 6, which means you feel no exertion, similar to simply standing still. Level 9 is what you feel like when you are walking at an easy pace. At level 12 to 14 you are in the moderate-intensity zone and it feels somewhat hard, as when walking briskly or jogging at an easy pace. At level 15 and above you feel heavy exertion and you are in the vigorous-intensity zone, as when running. [READ: The Super Comfortable Roshes for your girl to step out]

RPEExertion Felt
6No exertion at all
7Extremely light
9Very light (easy walking slowly at a comfortable pace)
13Somewhat hard (It is quite an effort; you feel tired but can continue)
15Hard (heavy)
17Very hard (very strenuous, and you are very fatigued)
19Extremely hard (You cannot continue for long at this pace)
20Maximal exertion

You may wonder why the Borg RPE scale starts at 6 and goes to 20. This is because it is designed to give you a fairly good estimate of your actual heart rate during activity. To do this, multiply your RPE by 10 to get an estimated heart rate.

For example, if your RPE is 12, then 12 x 10 = 120 beats per minute is the desired maximum heart rate. [READ: 3 Tips to Dress for Your Body Type – The Most Useful Fashion Advice]


How Do Natural Fat Burning Nutraceutical Ingredients Work?

Natural fat burners add fuel to fire and help burn fat naturally & permanently.

There are many fat burning nutraceuticals like Garcinia Cambogia which contains a fat burning active called Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) or Green coffee bean extract which contains fat burning active Alpha Linolenic acid (ALA) which are present in Nutrasphere’s TRIM AID lemon coriander, triple action weight loss soup.

Sabja seeds, or basil seeds, an active ingredient of Nutrasphere’s Rose Sabja, Dybesweet Milk Shake, are full of fibre content, which keeps your stomach fuller for longer time (reduces your appetite), further prevent overeating and unnecessary cravings. They are also a rich source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) that comes from high levels of omega-3 fatty acids present in the seeds. These acids help in stimulating the fat burning metabolism in the body.

There are many other natural fat burning foods like Caffeine, Green Tea, Yohimbine & others.

Most of them help burn fat by increasing the Basal Metabolic Rate at the cellular level and are best taken post exercise or while on diet to burn off the fat released by exercise or diet.

So to shed that ugly fat, use a triple action approach, diet, exercise and take fat burners post exercise or while on diet.

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