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8 Expert Wigs and Weaves Styling Tips| Beautyforever

8 Expert Wigs and Weaves Styling Tips| Beautyforever

Wigs and Weaves come pre-styled and need minimal styling. Buy quality synthetic wigs to easily style your hair. Wondering ‘How to Style a Synthetic Wig?’ Just follow these simple tips and tricks to keep your weaves looking best.

8 Expert Wigs and Weaves Styling Tips| Beautyforever

Add Volume

8 Expert Wigs and Weaves Styling Tips Beautyforever

You can backcomb or tease for hair volume at roots. For a subtle lift try using a wig comb, lightly spray using the wig spray to set your style.

Avoid using Brush for Wet Wig

Always make use of specifically designed comb or brush for wigs.  Regular hairbrushes are made for natural hair which tends to damage and pulls on the wig fibers. Avoid using big short strokes on your wigs, especially the ones with loose curls or waves, and never pull out the curl. Apply light pressure with long strokes to get smoother styles. Always make use of a pick comb gently for styling ringlet curls. This help to manage any fly-aways and reduce frizz.

Quality Spray Bottle

Buy a good quality spray bottle and fill with cool and clean water to lightly spritz on the wig while styling. Using the spray bottle for Spritzing along with fingers is useful in revitalizing the limp strands and smoothen frizz. This helps to remove static electricity without even washing your entire wig.

 Restore the weave hairstyles

8 Expert Wigs and Weaves Styling Tips Beautyforever

To restore the original wig style, wash it in cool water with shampoos & conditioners and simply air dry. It helps the fibers to return to the original state giving you many styling ways.

Avoid Heat

Avoid using any heated styling tools on the wigs, especially that aren’t 100% human hair or labeled with “heat friendly”. Heat can damage the synthetic fibers of wig and also burn/melt them, thus ruining the texture and quality of wig. [READ: 16 Awesome Benefits Of Aloe Vera Gel For Health, Skin And Hair]

Cutting Your Wig

You can definitely cut your wig. Try Customizing your wig by trimming and shaping with the help of a professional stylist.

Add hair Accessories

8 Expert Wigs and Weaves Styling Tips Beautyforever

Try personalizing the look of your wig by wearing headbands or scarves. These hair accessories brighten the face and add color to your personality.

Wig Care Products

Always use washing and styling products that are specially designed for wigs use. Using products of human hair can actually damage the synthetic wig.

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