How To Stay On Top Of Your Work In The Midst Of A Messy Breakup

How To Stay On Top Of Your Work In The Midst Of A Messy Breakup

Almost everybody went through one, we know how a breakup feels – it’s terrible, disgusting and breaks your heart into little pieces. Doesn’t matter who started it, you’ll be left dwelling over your feelings anyway. This kind of situation can end up differently, from a good recovery to depression; you just need to know good ways to make yourself feel better.

Yes, dealing with your feelings is definitely important and even a little scary, but what should you do if you need to tag yourself to your office or a class? How can you deal with them in a professional situation if your tears are about to burst out and your ex is sending you messages every second? We’re here just in time to let you know how to regain your consciousness quicker and be as productive as always.

How To Stay On Top Of Your Work In The Midst Of A Messy Breakup

Take things slowly

That’s exactly what it means, do one thing at a time and do everything as slow as you can, don’t rush yourself in a state like this. It touches both your feelings and work.

Try to only think about getting through your working day, don’t imagine what your life ahead will be; it will only make the situation worse. Breaking your healing process into smaller parts can transform it into a smoother substance to work through.

When you think about your broken heart and wounds that your ex left you with, you won’t get anything done and you’ll just turn into a sobbing mess. That’s why you should take one thing up at a time, and it will help you focus on work, not on your feelings. If you’re having troubles in college and nothing works out, find yourself the best assignment writing services in Australia to help you out. Don’t be scared to ask for help from your coworkers, too.

Extra tip: Don’t forget to take occasional coffee or snack breaks, don’t drown in work completely.

Work through with your feelings

Shutting your feelings down is bad for you, too. It’s better to try and cope with them, face them and try to understand yourself. It can be hard and fearful but locking it in will simply make you lose your mind. When you shut your sadness, you also make happiness disappear. We shouldn’t forget that no one can ignore just one emotion out of the whole range of it, fear and sorrow is a part of cheerfulness.

How to get in touch with your feelings:

  • take notes on how you feel, start journaling on paper or on your device, it can be completely unorganized as long as you’re relieving your stress;

How To Stay On Top Of Your Work In The Midst Of A Messy Breakup

  • technology stops us from gaining our emotions, take a break from your phone and listen to yourself;
  • do yoga and relax, lie down and note how you are feeling at the moment, try to go from your legs to your head and note every little detail of what your body is trying to tell you;
  • talk it out with your friends, family members or just looking into the mirror, it always helps to get it out into the air.

Divert your attention from your smartphone

Your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend may try to find a way to contact you, be it any social media, messengers, emails, SMS or simple talks. It will be right to shut your phone down not only to have a small break from all the notifications but also to not let yourself be disturbed. Don’t get excited over the other person making you flustered at work, it shouldn’t be amusing mixing your personal life and job.

Getting all these messages can get annoying during work or studying and it can awake a range of emotions from you, which is totally unbearable and irresponsible at work, where you should only be focused on your tasks.

Extra tip: It’s best to block their contact and delete all the talks in the messengers, this way you won’t get back to reading all the old conversations and getting upset over the past.

Make up a new schedule

Sometimes you can get easily addicted to the life you’ve led with your ex. Doesn’t matter if you’ve lived with them or just went out every evening, maybe you picked them up from work or classes or they treated you in the cinema… you’ll expect it to stay in your life. With that mindset, you will eventually understand that this won’t come back and you should definitely set a new goal and prepare and brand new routine.

Extra tip: If you don’t know how to deal with a new routine, try taking up a new hobby and searching for new friends. Go to the gym and exercise with a trainer, start reading or binge a TV show you wanted to watch. It can be an amazing way to be self-reliant again.

On one hand, it can be extremely disturbing to start your life from a new point, but on the other hand, you can find something even better and more exciting than what you’ve had in the first place. Discover a hobby or spend more time with your family. Don’t forget that you’re human and getting emotional is okay, also don’t get depressed and locked up in your house. Try your best to build up a new interesting schedule to get yourself going. Be strong, move forward and remember – in every end, there’s also a beginning.

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