9 Things You Should Carry In Your Handbag: The Modern Girl’s Survival Kit

9 Things You Should Carry In Your Handbag: The Modern Girl’s Survival Kit

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You never know what you might need on a rainy day. If there’s one piece of advice that stands true always, it is prepared. The contents of your handbag can tell a lot about where you are in life and what kind of a gal you are. Of course, priorities change with time and so do the contents of your handbag that get the honor of “I never leave my house without these things…”.

It might seem like a huge hassle to lug around a large bag and fill it up with stuff that you may not need. However, trust us when we say that when you do need any of it, the effort will seem worth it. It is all about being well prepared for any situation. From an impromptu date to a surprise party for your friends to getting stuck in traffic during rains.

We have compiled our own list of must-haves that can help you deal with the surprises life can throw you.

1. Lip balm

You can never have enough of lip balm. Whether you are an indoor office kind of person or on-the-move, jetsetting traveller every situation can you leave our lips dehydrated and chapped. Dry lips feel horrible and look ugly. The best thing about carrying a lip balm in your bag is that it virtually is weightless and is a great way to refresh your look within seconds – any time during the day.


2. Magnetic eyeliner

9 Things You Should Carry In Your Handbag The Modern Girl's Survival Kit

Magnetic eyelashes have been the biggest beauty trend in 2018 and 2019. But what enhances the process of application is the use of magnetic eyeliner. It is one of the most powerful magnet-infused eyeliner that has revolutionized the beauty practice of many women. Not only do they add drama to your look, but they also lock in your magnetic lashes in place with a click. Available both in gel and liquid formats, a magnetic eyeliner can give you an instant makeover for an impromptu party or girls night out. Carry in your purse along with magnetic eyelashes.

 3. Portable charger

You never know when you will run out of charge. A portable charger ensures that you never miss an opportunity to take photos or get stranded without any means of communication. fear While a power bank would take up much of your space, a portable charger is just the right size for your bag.


4. Floss

Fresh breath and clean teeth are essential to making a good impression. And since the temptation to munch on something is always around, it is best to be prepared to keep your teeth and breath sparkling clean.

Carry a tiny spool of dental floss around in your bag since brushing is not always possible. Floss after eating and whenever you need to go out. Of course, breath mints are a great accompaniment too.,


5. Hand sanitizer

Whether you are a germaphobe like us or not, just imagine the number of germs you contact as you go about your day using public restrooms, in transit or when you are touching your phone screen. A hand sanitizer is not a replacement for washing the hands but it works just fine when you don’t have a sink nearby.


6. Hair tie

9 Things You Should Carry In Your Handbag The Modern Girl's Survival Kit

Be it humid weather or just a bad hair day, nothing salvages your look like a cute hair tie. A scrunchie or clutcher deserves a place in your bag to save the day. The cuter it is, the better.


7. Aspirin

A headache or migraine can strike you at the worst of times. There is no workaround for these sudden cramps or pains that spring on us, especially when you least expect them. It is better to be armed with aspirin at all times for instant relief from these painful surprises.


8. A small snack

Carry a protein bar or a small packet of nuts to stop you from cheating or picking up an unhealthy holdover when you feel peckish. A piece of candy or a sweet treat is also great to carry if you tend to suffer from low blood pressure.


9. Your ID

This one is obvious but you will be surprised how many people forget their IDs when they step out of their homes. You really don’t want to be caught on the road without one. Always check your bag before you leave home for your ID.


While this is our recommended list of the essentials that you must always carry in your bag, you might have your own version of must-haves be it hand cream, a lipstick or a lucky charm. You never know what will come in handy.

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