9 Most Amazing Everyday Uses Of Tea Tree Oil

9 Most Amazing Everyday Uses Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is obtained from the Melaleuca alternifolia leaves. It has been used since orthodox days as traditional medicine. Both 100% undiluted and Diluted tea tree oil is available in the market. Choose it as per your need; buy Oshea Organic’s Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil. Tea tree oil is a popular essential oil with many amazing benefits. This essential oil is widely used for healthy skin, hair, and nails. In addition, tea tree oil is also added to many skincare and beauty products for its many benefits, affordability, and safe formula.

Let Us Check 9 Most Amazing Everyday Uses Of Tea Tree Oil

1. Treat Acne

9 Most Amazing Everyday Uses Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is the best remedy to cure acne. It also helps in reducing the severity of acne. Use tea tree oil with carrier oil/water or just tea tree gel on acne lesions three times a day. This acts as a very effective remedy to reduce acne at lesions. In fact, tea tree oil is known to be as effective as benzoyl peroxide (anti-acne medication). Try this best Home Remedy for acne!

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2. Apply On Scrapes Or Minor Cuts

Broken skin injuries can easily attract germs to enter into the bloodstream and cause infection. Tea tree oil is an old age remedy to disinfect and treat abrasions and minor cuts. It has the ability to kill S. aureus and several other bacteria that may lead to infection into the open wounds. You may mix tea tree oil & coconut oil to apply on the minor cuts and abrasions to prevent infection. [Read: Avoid Skin Irritation with the Right Serum]

3. Boosts Wound Healing

Not just Tea tree oil is used for infection prevention in cuts and abrasions, it also encourages wound healing. Tea tree oil reduces inflammation and also triggers white blood cells activity which helps to heal.

4. Natural Deodorant

Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties and this helps in controlling underarm odor due to perspiration. Body secretions through sweat glands, when combined with skin bacteria, cause strong body odor. Tea tree oil has bacteria-fighting properties which makes it amazing natural antiperspirants and deodorants. This is also be used as a safe and effective alternative to harmful commercial deodorants.

5. Natural Mouthwash

9 Most Amazing Everyday Uses Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is useful in fighting germs which cause bad breath and tooth decay. It is also effective against bacteria that cause plaque. In fact, tea tree oil is even better than chlorhexidine (common disinfectant & oral rinse). To make chemical-free mouthwash, just add one drop of tea tree oil into the cup of warm water, thoroughly mix & swish into the mouth for about 30 seconds. Make sure not to swallow tea tree oil, as it can get toxic if ingested. [READ: 9 Things You Should Carry In Your Handbag: The Modern Girl’s Survival Kit]

6. Acts As A Insect Repellent

This essential oil is useful in keeping the pesky insects at bay. Tea tree oil has amazing benefits like the ability to kill or repel mosquitoes. And this is also being added as an active ingredient in many popular commercial insect repellents.

7. Home Remedy For Toenail Fungus

Fungal nail infections aren’t dangerous, but quite common. Use Tea tree oil alone or combine with a carrier oil. This helps to get rid of nail fungus for its antifungal properties.

8.  Controls Dandruff

Dandruff is white flakes of the scalp dead skin. Tea tree oil is an effective home remedy to treat dandruff, and also control it. This is also being added to best shampoos by many brands for dandruff treatment. With regular use, tree oil can reduce greasiness, dandruff severity, and itchiness. [READ: Do You Wary Of Using Medicated Anti-Dandruff Shampoo? Try This…]

9. Use as a Hand Sanitizer

Use Tea tree oil as a natural hand sanitizer. This helps to kill various types of common bacteria & viruses such as E. coli, H. influenzae, and S. pneumonia. Many brands have also opted to add tea tree oil to the hand wash and cleansers to boost the effectiveness against the E. coli. Thus using tree oil as a hand sanitizer can help in killing many germs which are responsible for flu, colds, and several other illnesses.

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Do share if we missed any other benefits of tea tree oil!!

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