Top 6 Education Blogs You Must Follow In 2019

Top 6 Education Blogs You Must Follow In 2019

Are you a parent, student, administrator or teacher, then you must definitely follow some top education blogs. As it is the best way to add more new ideas, innovation, and creativity.

Top 6 Education Blogs You Must Follow In 2019

1. Edutopia

Edutopia is a blog operated by The George Lucas Educational Foundation. This educational blog has its main focus on the students and educators from k-12. They produce amazing content which helps in improving the learning skills and keeps students engaged. One can also grab a chance to “collaborate with teachers, curriculum experts and researchers for project-based field advancement. You can also find free college research papers that help students with free essays & term papers database. [READ: Here’s Why You Should Consider Taking Spoken English Classes]

2. The Learning Network

New York Times runs this blog. They have parents, teachers, and students as their main audience.  The content on this blog is used as teaching materials. They cover areas like Social Studies, American History, Current Events, and Civics that are quite useful for teachers. Also, 13 years/older Students get to comment on stories.

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3. Classroom 2.0

Top 6 Education Blogs You Must Follow In 2019

Classroom 2.0 focuses on bringing together social media & web 2.0 into your classroom. These acts as an amazing source of social network among educators who wish to learn more about online strategies. These also operate different groups at many schools which can be joined for interaction. They have 78,000+ members from more than 198 countries. This blog is best for elementary education, secondary education, distance education, and school education.

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4. Inside Higher Ed

This blog is amazing for all doing higher education or even searching for jobs. This blog covers different sections such as Books, admissions, Technology, Diversity and Career Advice. You can also find many webinars and higher ed space research for degree education and other education news

5. TeacherTube

This online community is useful for all teachers where they can share videos of any instructional learning. This is a great portal to learn from peers For school teachers or even home teachers. It covers videos, audio recordings, and pictures that can be used in the curriculum. In addition, there are many different groups on specific topics. [READ: Solve Your Writing Problems By Professional Writers ]


6.  Edudemic

Edudemic focus on the technology used for education. This education website has many great pieces of advice for adding technology into the classroom. They have a section for the teacher’s guide and even product reviews for best teacher’s app, laptops, and tablets.

What are your favorites among Top 6 Education Blogs You Must Follow In 2019?

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