Nordstrom Employee Insurance Benefits

Nordstrom Employee Insurance Benefits

Paid workers are happy workers and Nordstrom knows how to keep their employees happy which makes them more productive and efficient. Nordstrom is a classic example of customer experience and 75% of employees say they are very happy working with the company. These days, benefits play a vital role in employee’s productivity. Many companies offer top-notch perks like catered meals, acupuncture, free gym membership, and yoga classes and so on. Nordstrom also offers incredible benefits to its employees. If you are looking for a job at Nordstrom, give a read to the list below to exactly know what benefits you are going to get.

Health Care Benefits:

NORDSTROM has strong medical advantages that empower its workers to have different essential and complex health systems secured. Also, it offers strong dental and vision plans where workers can rely on secured preventive tests just as certain methods. For greater costs, workers have strong medical services spending account at their disposal.

  • Dental Plan:

To take care of their basic dental needs Nordstrom offers a suitable dental plan to its workers. For a detail dental examination, you do not have to pay a penny company will pay it for you. For an inclusive dental package, you might have to pay half of the amount.

Nordstrom Employee Insurance Benefits

  • Health Care Spending Account:

To financially help its workers with medical emergencies, Nordstrom came up with an idea of a health care spending account where employees can deposit a little amount from their paychecks which are used to pay their hospital bills and is free of taxes. Also, Nordstrom offers excellent health insurance where many medical procedures and tests are covered by the company. With Nordstrom, you also get a health plan incentive where you can learn about your health and how to improve it.

  • Maternity Support Program:

Nordstrom takes splendid care of its employees and has very helpful resources in their maternity support program to help expected parents in a hard time. Recently they started to give 6 weeks paid holidays to bond with their newborn. I guess these support programs have landed them into the list of “Best Workplaces For Women.”

  • Vision Health Program:

Nordstrom offers an exceptional vision health program to its team members that covers a wide variety of eye procedures and tests as well as vision devices and contact lenses.

If you are wondering you have to go to the HR team and spend all your day filling forms in offices to obtain all these benefits, you are wrong. Nordstrom has provided all its employees with an employee login portal called MyNordstrom account, you can find all insurance programs listed on the portal. For more information, click here. Here are some financial benefits, Nordstrom offers its employees to secure their future.

Financial Benefits:

Nordstrom offers wonderful financial benefits to its workers and their family members. My favorite benefit is the 401K program which covers a lot. The benefits you are going to get are:

  • 401K Plan:

Nordstrom knows how hard retirement can be so the company offers a good saving plan to all its team members helping them build a decent retirement fund. The employees can choose from multiple investment plans as they wish and can put aside 4% of their salary for a carefree future. If you can’t decide the amount you want to put aside, choose a decent plan you will probably found it listed on the MyNordstrom portal.

  • Adoption Assistance Reimbursement:

Nordstrom surely knows how hard it can get to adopt a child. They will cover all the fees and attorney costs to help you know they got your back. Even if the child is from a foreign country they will help you in all the procedures.

  • Paid Time Off And Bonus Pay:

Vacations can set anyone’s mood. To make their employees more productive and efficient they have some super vacations plan for their employees. The hardworking employees get a fair amount of bonus for their contributions. Moreover, part-time employees also get paid with a fair amount and all the insurance benefits.

There are so many other benefits like life insurance, commuter benefit, childcare discount parental leaves, disability insurance, career benefits, and the list goes on. Make sure you check all of them in detail on your MyNordstrom employee login portal and yes, part-time employees also get access to the portal, and take advantage of benefits offered. If you are working in the company you are one lucky guy.

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