Time, Family and Happiness

Time, Family and Happiness

“I want growth brother, I can’t go now, you leave,” my friend said, who is actually about to divorce his wife for some small misunderstandings.

A working adult spends less than two conscious hours with his family in the entire day of 24 hours. Do you or your family deserve only this much time that has been gifted to each other by nature? A middle-class person strives, works hard to maintain a good, balanced lifestyle for virtual happiness over his and his family’s happiness. The time of his family is taken over by an artificial firm.The Alone Time

The older generations did not have any unique approach towards their relationship for smiles but eventually earned great relationships by spending time with their families. In this era of the Digital World, we always try to find some activities where a family can spend some quality time together and often pays a hefty price for the same. But the so-called Old Men have actually imparted knowledge, humanity into us by forcing us to do household chores, community services. It doesn’t matter which generation has the highest life expectancy but the older generations have lived a happy, relaxed life and were more capable of handling financial, family and work pressures.

Financial burdens force us to stick to our work and we seek more money, growth in the process, this is a vicious circle. Everyone knows it but still unable to break this trap, we need to keep going with trap, loosening it with the key of TIME FOR ME. Everyone has their own priorities; for most of us it’s career growth and for some it’s family but early decisions over priorities will make our life easier.

Happy relationship need efforts of time and it will take care of your personal happiness.

My parents made sure we spent our entire school vacation in our village. And every time My Grandfather had so many interesting activities for us like bathing in well, showing us all the trees he planted, his father planted, fishing, cut lamb. And while doing all these activities he always had great delight on his face. He made us work in fields, carry a big bunch of cattle grass, carrying water filled big brass handas on cycles. I used to hate this being a kid but eventually, I impressed my classmates with my adventures as most of my friends never visited their villages, many didn’t even know what their native is. By doing these small chores I actually learned a bit about farms, villages, crops, river, lakes, and wild fruits and also amused my friends with my library of experiences. My happy and excited grandfather actually imparted his knowledge in me with his time.

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We are ceasing our relationships gradually by decreasing family time. Family relationships break down when it becomes your responsibility. just like your stressed job where you will have no regrets if you resign but keep on doing it for the sake of stability. When the base is love in a relationship, nothing more concrete you need, it will take of itself. But that too needs maintenance and time! Even when you’re going through a bad phase with your loved ones, it gets better by spending some quality time cum maintenance but may worsen when you avoid spending time.

Every relationship deserves and develops over alone time, the person you are spending time with not only tells you about his perception but creates yours about him.

This time helps you to understand each other and develops you as a person for each other. For eg: A mother spends alone time with his son/daughter, teaches him about good, bad, people, things and many more. A father makes you understand the world from his vision about people, the world, the other working aspects of household maintenance. They actually teach you their world in Alone Time which increases your love for them but lowers in the long term as you decrease your Alone Time with your parents.

It changes with time when you’re a parent and spent Alone Time with your kids. The revival of this love with parents or your loved one’s increases by your Alone Time.

The Topic could be anything to speak on but speak for hours, listen for hours and the world of love will open his hands to solve your problems.

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In this digital world, we have more feelings for our phones, gadgets just because we spend more time with them than our families. We do spend more time on our jobs, careers but these virtual things don’t love you back, this will lead you to depression, so choose your priorities carefully.

I pray for a day when the world would consider more family time over materialistic happiness, that would make our life much easier and happier!



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