Living Gemstone Jewelry

Living Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry piled up with life is not only rare but also beautiful, worthy of your understanding! In jewelry, it can be divided into organic gemstones and inorganic gemstones. In fact, it is a mineral gemstone and a gemstone that is born with life. In contrast to inorganic gemstones, organic gemstones need to be carefully cared for, because such gemstones are written with life. The gemstone has its own unique texture, which is different from the hard texture of mineral gemstones. The organic gemstones are soft and delicate because they are precious and extraordinarily beautiful.


1. The mother pearl

Pearl is one of the jewelry that women like very much. Famous women in history seem to have a close relationship with pearls. Pearl jewelry getnamenecklace is a jewelry that can be worn from a girl to old. As long as it is properly protected, just like Queen Elizabeth, from black to white hair can wear that set of rich pearl necklace, elegant and beautiful.

Living Gemstone Jewelry

It is well known that the pearl is stimulated by the external foreign body by the mother shell, which secretes the substance of calcium carbonate. It was originally wrapped in layers of foreign objects, which turned into beautiful pearls over time, so the original natural pearls are a nucleated pearl. Many pearls are now farmed, so they are all non-nuclear pearls, and they are all mass-produced pearls.

The best natural pearls are seawater pearls. High-quality pearls will not change color or shine as new after centuries. Rare is precious, so good pearls are even more valuable.


 2. Ancient amber

Amber and beeswax are brothers and sisters. It was the resin that dripped and piled up in ancient times and through the geological process of nature, under a certain pressure to form the precious wax and amber today. The color of amber is also very rich, in particular, the effect is different depending on what is wrapped inside, such as insects are the rarity of amber, and the Dominican lamper is the best of the amber because of its unique color.

In addition, there are blood amber, peper amber, etc., these are traces of life that have survived for hundreds of millions of years, and are of great value for research and appreciation.

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3.Ivory products

Ivory is very precious and rare. The former ivory products are all tributes and can only be owned by the royal family. Nowadays, the ivory comes more cruel, it is built on the bloody killing of theft. Poachers are killing elephants directly for money, leading to unprecedented destruction. So it’s banned by the state, and the whole world is resisting poaching like this. No buying, no killing.

Currently allowed to trade is mammoth ivory, which is a fossil left over from tens of thousands of years ago, not belonging to the above bloody jewelry, so friends who have a need for ivory can buy such mammoth ivory products.


4. Coral jewelry

Coral is very precious as one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. Nowadays, large-scale mining has made resources increasingly exhausted. Corals are formed by the accumulation of life-long corals. Although there are several colors, red is the best, and coral jewelry is very elegant, especially suitable for mature women wearing dark coral jewelry in dark clothes, formed an elegant and dignified atmosphere.


5. Tridacna jewelry

Tridacna is actually a kind of marine animal. Because this mollusc has sunk into the seabed after death, it can be finally formed into fossils after tens of years of change. It is processed and polished to form wearable jewelry. According to the different parts, the types of jewelry can be divided into jade, gold silk, gold tridacna, etc. Most of the Tridacna is very common.


6. Coal jade

Coal jade is actually the essence of coal. It was carbonized from plants buried underground during geological evolution. This jade is very hard and the structure is very delicate. It is not only black but also bright texture. Most of the coal is lightly used for carving, and a small number can be used as bracelets and pendants. Although the color is very dark, it is also a low-key beauty for those who like it.


7. Hawksbill

Used hawksbill to make jewelry is very historical. Hawksbill is marine life, its shell is patterned and relatively hard. Therefore, it is also called soft gold on the seabed. Its shell can be used to make different jewelry, such as Bracelets, bangles, necklaces, etc., and even combs are very popular in ancient times. Hawksbill is now an endangered marine species because of excessive killing.

The above organic gemstones are very beautiful and precious. They have been formed through ancient evolution and have their own unparalleled beauty to become jewelry to dress up our lives. For such gems, they also need extra care in daily wear, because they are living gems!

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