Beginners Guide to Skin Care

Beginners Guide to Skin Care

When it comes to skincare, you can never start too soon, especially when it comes to your face. Age spots are not necessarily a function of your age, but the accumulation of toxins, damaging products, and sun exposure. In order to prevent the “signs of aging,” protecting your skin early can help keep it young looking. If you are already at a point where spots, wrinkles, and skin flaws have set in, it’s still not too late to take care of your skin and protect it from further damage. You can even reverse some of the previous damage with a skin care routine packed with antioxidants and strong protection for environmental damage. This beginner’s guide to skincare includes a cleanser, a serum, and a moisturizer. So, don’t get lost in the skin care aisle at the store. Just focus on these three items to get you started on a path to healthier skin.

Beginners Guide to Skin Care


A Great Cleanser

Cleansers are the backbone to skin care. If you don’t have clean skin, the chances that you will have a beautiful facial presence are slim. Cleansers remove surface and deep-down dirt, damaging environmental pollutants, and unwanted oils. By using a good cleanser, you are prepping your face for the next round of skin care products, serums, and moisturizers.

When looking for a facial skin cleanser, you will find dozens of options is just one store. Try to get one that is gentle, perhaps for sensitive skin, and fragrance-free.

Sensitive skin cleaners don’t have abrasive components like regular cleansers do. If you are just starting out, gentle cleansing is best.

Fragrances can also aggravate the skin. If you want to avoid skin irritation, redness, and dryness, some may need to avoid the nice smelling products.

Beginners Guide to Skin Care

Facial Serums and Treatments

A facial serum, or treatment, is an important step in protecting your skin. A serum is an antioxidant-rich and protective layer for your skin. It shields the skin for sun damage and the deteriorating effects. A serum also battles the effects of environmental pollution that are skin damaging.

The serum you choose should be lightweight and explicitly say that it is antioxidant rich. It should contain vitamins. Non-fragrant is best, again, because they can aggravate the skin.

If you can find a serum that includes a broad-spectrum sunscreen, that is best. However, if the next step, “moisturizers” contains a sunscreen, you are well on your way to a healthy, protective skin care regiment.


The last step to your skin care regimen is moisturizing. Finding a great moisturizer can be challenging. You don’t want something that leaves your skin feeling sticky and you don’t want something that feels heavy either.

The idea behind moisturizing is to provide your skin with valuable hydration. Ideally, you will find a moisturizer with antioxidants and vitamins. If you feel up to experimenting you can get a moisturizer that has soothing skin components, skin-brightening elements, and tone-improving ingredients. Again, you don’t want something that is heavy. Keep it lightweight and fresh feeling.

If your serum doesn’t contain sunscreen, then you want your moisturizer to have this protection against the skin-damaging sun.

Skin care does not have to be difficult, but it is important. If you don’t want age spots, excessive wrinkles, or even skin cancer, you need to have a clean and protective skin care regiment. By simply using these three products: a cleanser, a protective serum, and a moisturizer, you will have fresh, glowing, healthy-looking skin in no time.

After you get this regiment down, you can experiment with additional skin care products that you will find in that same aisle in the store. There are toners, exfoliants, skin lightening treatments, and anti-age boosters that you can experiment with and see what works best for you. After you have mastered these tips, it may be time to learn how to apply skincare products like a pro so you look your best.

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