How to Curl Fine Hair and Make the Curls Last

How to Curl Fine Hair and Make the Curls Last

Planning to get your fine hair to have some curls? Getting fine hair curly is not an easy thing. In fact, many women who have fine hair have tried to curl their hair and failed to achieve their dream look. Sometimes, the curls on fine hair don’t stay longer. In some cases, they don’t curl at all. Regardless of the case, there is a great solution to have those lovely curls even if you have fine hair. Follow these guidelines on how to curl fine hair and you will succeed in the end.

Learn the Basics

Before getting started, you must learn first the basics of keeping fine hair curly. Since fine hair lacks the volume that thick hair has, you need to do something just to add more volume to your hair. For now, focus on adding more volume to your hair before trying to make some curls.

You may want to use a hair product that gives hair more grip and texture. It can be a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Likewise, be sure you use a protectant spray that will protect your hair against damage while trying to curl it. [READ: Qualities of the Best Hairdressers in Cardiff]

Use the Best Hair Care Products

If you know the basics of hairstyling yet still experience hair care problems, the issue can be due to the products you are using to your hair. Hair products sometimes cause problems instead of helping you get what you want. You should use the right type of hair products at the right amount to achieve your dream look. Be sure to check the way you use these products and avoid using too much of them that can damage your hair.

Ideally, you must look for well-reviewed hair care products. Find those highly recommended hair care products suitable to your fine hair. If you really don’t have an idea, feel free to ask an expert hairstylist for recommendations. Keep on exploring the market until you find the right hair products for your fine hair.

Get the Best Cut for Your Hair

How to Curl Fine Hair and Make the Curls Last

In trying to curl your fine hair, be sure you get the right cut for it first. Buying the best hair care product for your hair type is not the only key. Getting the right cut before making some curls on your hair is important. Getting the best haircut will make a huge difference in how your hairstyles.

When you visit a hairstylist, talk to her how you can add more volume to your hair and tell her you to want a wavy hair. This way, your hairstylist will cut your hair in the way you will achieve the best results when you curl your hair.

Don’t Wash Your Fine Hair Each Day

A lot of people use to wash their hair every morning. On the other hand, washing your hair every day is not a good idea in all cases, particularly if you want to curl your fine hair. Wash your hair only when it’s oily or untidy. Avoid washing it on the day you decide to curl it. If you are worried about your hair’s cleanliness, just relax and get your hair clean by washing it with a volumizing dry shampoo.

Work First on Small Sections of Your Hair

Many women with fine hair try curling their hair in big sections. Nevertheless, it is easy to curl fine hair by using a roller or a curling wand. On the other hand, if you have fine and thin hair, you should try curling a small section of your hair to obtain better results. Keep on styling your hair in a small section at a time. This way, you will likely get the best curls that will last longer. [READ: How To Buy Best Wigs Online?]

Let the Curls Have Time to Set

Never quickly curl your fine hair and spray it. Give the curls enough time to set prior to finish the task. After curling your hair, secure the curl using a clip. Apply some hair spray and allow the curls to stay in place for 10 minutes before you pull them loose. Take it easy and release the curls after a specific length of time to have those perfect curls that will last the whole day.

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Look for Other Options Aside from Heat Styling

Heat styling is one of the techniques used in curling fine hair. However, if you are not getting the best results when curling fine hair through heat styling, try another hair curling method. Hairstylists have been using rag curling and pin curling in curling different hair types, including fine hair. Besides, these two popular curling methods can provide a good vintage look to your fine hair.

Curling fine hair can be challenging, but these tricks will save you time and energy while getting the desired looks. Try them now and you will be glad you did.

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