How To Choose A Second-Hand Luxury Watch

How To Choose A Second-Hand Luxury Watch

Everyone does not have the purse to afford the last watch of this or that big name watchmaker. Some others do not see the interest and prefer to pay attention to models steeped in history: that of a brand and its flagship models, unfortunately, more produced today, but also that of its carrier with a preference for a product that has already lived. These various cases lead us today to ask ourselves the question of the purchase of second-hand luxury watches. Indeed, it is often the opportunity to make excellent deals on current watches or to acquire a unique model. The flip side, if it is easier to consume a second-hand car, it is easier to come across a bad deal in watchmaking. Thus, we considered it important to address the key points of buying a beautiful second-hand watch:

Why buy second hand?

How To Choose A Second-Hand Luxury Watch
The idea of ​​buying a vintage watch or a second-hand watch may seem to some strange when you just started a love affair with high-end watches. However, as for the automobile, the major question posed by this approach is that of the cost, namely that one can save up to 40% or even 50% of the price of the new for a watch still in production, the purchaser precedent having already assumed part of the depreciation.

The purchase of a vintage watch, if this approach remains in the background similar, can induce other motivations. Indeed, to find unique, mythical models that have sometimes made the glorious past of big names in watchmaking and have left the displays of watchmakers can have a much greater cost depending on the case and the coveted model’s edge. The price is thus multiplied and the points on which to focus differently.



As with any purchase of a relatively large sum, the research phase is of crucial importance. Obviously, it starts on the internet, its sites, blogs and forums specialized in watchmaking, but also on this rectangular stuff made of paper also known as “books”. The most evocative example is that of the Italian Mondani who has privileged access to many brands such as Rolex or Patek Philippe about which we find a lot of information on watches and their spare parts. Also, some names like Hamilton Ventura, IWC or Omega publish their own book of the same kind. The price is high (sometimes more than 500 €) but it should be considered as a down payment to protect a future investment (what does a book represent at 300 € compared to a watch that is worth 8000 €?).


The seller

When one is about to spend a certain amount of money on a watch jewel, the seller is obviously of all importance. Is he the first owner of the watch (particular) or simply an intermediary (professional)? Also, be aware that even though he may present a 100% authentic watch with his box, his papers, and the original invoice, if you doubt even a moment of his honesty, better retract. Be thorough with yourself and with the watch, do not engage in the process if you are not confident.

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Buying a used watch can be a fun option, but you still have to be careful.

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