9 Of The Best Ways To Soothe A Baby Who Has Colic

9 Of The Best Ways To Soothe A Baby Who Has Colic

Moms are always alarmed about their Babies cry, especially the first time mom. But trust me it is very natural and real, but tend to make us uncomfortable. And what if the crying hours get longer?  They can be signs of colic. So how do you know about the colicky pain? Or How to Soothe a Colic Baby Naturally? Check the very simple tips mentioned below for colic remedies.

What is Colic in Babies?

A baby who cries for more than 3 hours a day, at least 3 days in a week, or for 3 consecutive weeks are the colic symptoms.

Also, other Colic Symptoms in Babies are:

  • Back arching, fists clenching, posture change
  • Intense and Inconsolable crying
  • Extreme fussiness

Causes of Colic in Babies are Chocking of passage, Immature digestive tract, Allergies, Formula food, etc

Let’s Check 9 Of The Best Ways To Soothe A Baby Who Has Colic

1. Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll-On

9 Of The Best Ways To Soothe A Baby Who Has Colic

Colic is mostly due to the baby’s immature digestion. Babies suffer colic in many forms like the sluggish digestive tract, trapped gas, or acid reflux as colic symptoms.

9 Of The Best Ways To Soothe A Baby Who Has Colic

Try this 100% ayurvedic Tummy Roll On to treat your baby’s colic problem. This Mother Sparsh product for babies contains natural oils like Hing Oil, Pudina Oil, Sonth Oil, Saunf Oil, and Sova Oil. This is an old age ayurvedic remedy to treat colic & indigestion in babies. In addition, this oil is effective for colic relief from any sort of stomach discomfort due to acidity, gas or indigestion in newborns, infants & children. Antiseptic and antibacterial properties in Hing Oil help in constipation and acid reflux reduction. While fennel oil (Saunf Oil) is effective to treat gas and stomach bloating.

Mother Sparsh Roll-on comes in a very handy packaging that can be easily kept in your bag and must have for travelling with baby. It is 100% Ayurvedic & contains no preservatives, toxins or harmful chemicals. Hence they are totally safe for delicate and sensitive skin of babies.

9 Of The Best Ways To Soothe A Baby Who Has Colic

Buy Mother Sparsh Roll-on or Mother Sparsh Infant Care Combo With 98% Water Wipes And Hing Tummy Roll- On that makes a perfect gift for Infants.

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2. Proper Nursing Diet

Are you a breastfeeding mom? It is best advised to skip the foods that tend to trigger symptoms of baby colic. Avoid Dairy products and common allergens such as eggs, wheat, gluten, shellfish, spicy food, citrus, and caffeine.

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3. Skip Or Change Formula

If you formula-fed your little one, you may try skipping if possible. Or at least change the specific variety of formulas to see the difference. Try out some homemade formula recipe that contains a lot of nutrients and easy to digest for colic treatment.

4. Give Warm Baths

You can try giving a warm bath to your baby for soothing their tummies. Just normal warm water and a peaceful environment should do the work. Alternatively, during winters a warm washcloth put on baby’s tummy also work.

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5. Do Some Movement

9 Of The Best Ways To Soothe A Baby Who Has Colic

Let your baby do some movement on vibrating recliners, Swings or rockers. These movements work really well for colicky children to soothe and calm a stomach upset child. Also, try some baby exercises to release trapped gas. Bent legs, bicycle legs or bellies on their thighs with gentle pressure and massage can actually relax the baby. At the same time, it is also important that your cutie is well rested. Make sure you don’t overtire them. [READ: Top 8 Safe and Organic Baby Face Cream Available In India]

6. Magical Fresh Air

Fresh air works like magic when it comes to soothing your tiny one. Babies love fresh air, natural wind, chirping birds, these elements can actually help to shift their mood and also comfort the babies.

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7. Swaddling

Swaddling is a well-known practice and parent trusted remedy to comfort babies. This helps to calm the fussy, crying baby and make them feel like in the womb. Make sure to Snug perfectly and not too tight or loose. This is the natural remedy to calm colicky child and have a happy baby. Check this video for how to swaddle a baby.

8. Babywearing/ Co-Sleep

9 Of The Best Ways To Soothe A Baby Who Has Colic

It is important to create closeness to make your newborn feel the same as in the womb. Create an atmosphere that is cozy, dark, warm and snug. The uncomfortable transition may also make them colic. Also, try baby wearing as it creates warmth and closeness which can help to soothe colicky babies.  This method also helps in regulating the baby’s temperature, breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, and mood.

9. Digestive Support

Herbal drops like gripe water also help to some extent.  Gripe water comes in a liquid form and is a mixture of many herbs. This can helps in calming the baby’s digestive system.

Disclaimer: Always consult your pediatrician for an accurate diagnosis.

Is Your Baby Colicky? Do Share Your Best Ways To Soothe A Baby Who Has Colic!!!

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