Tips To Choose The Best Body Lotion For Your Baby

Tips To Choose The Best Body Lotion For Your Baby

Our Baby’s skin is very delicate, and thus choosing the best baby products needs utmost care. There are numerous options to choose from the best baby skincare brands, but how do you decide the right one for your cutie? Also, many sweet-smelling baby care products tend to have chemicals, parabens, alcohol, artificial scents, etc that causes harm to our baby’s skin, especially if the baby has sensitive skin. Among many other baby skin products like shampoo, a cleansing bar, wipes, sunscreen, today let us talk in details about baby moisturizer! Baby lotion is useful to maintain the natural skin moisture and hydrate the child’s skin. Hence it’s essential to choose baby body lotion wisely.

Tips To Choose The Best Body Lotion For Your Baby


1. pH Balanced

“pH balanced” is often written on the baby skincare products. Furthermore, the pH scale measures the acidic/alkaline level of a substance.

  • pH1 – pH6, indicates the body lotion is acidic.
  • pH8 – pH14 indicates the body lotion alkaline.
  • pH neutral or pH7 indicates the body lotion is non-acidic/ alkaline

it is important to look for the PH levels of baby products, as our baby’s skin surface increases from pH neutral – pH5.5. The acid mantle protects the baby’s skin and hence it is essential to choose a baby lotion that is close to our baby’s skin pH level. Many skincare products never mention their true pH level and make use of terms like ultra-mild or mild. However, such terms don’t describe the pH balanced / pH neutral level rightly.

We suggest Baby Lotion with a pH of 5.5 to keep baby skin healthy. Such body lotion for newborn gives optimal protection and is totally compatible with their skin. These are also the best baby body lotion for sensitive skin. 


2. Hello, Chamomile

Tips To Choose The Best Body Lotion For Your Baby

We all know about the healing properties of Chamomile. Chamomile helps to calm our baby. My baby was a night owl and we made sure to do a tender massage before bedtime with Calming Baby Lotion. This helped our baby to sleep a bit early, peacefully and also kept her skin moisturized.


3. Understand the needs of Newborn

Like me, a new mother or first-time mom has so many things that she doesn’t know about her new baby. There are ample queries like – will her skin look healthy? Eyes turn black/ brown? How many hours my baby should sleep? Will my baby react to artificial fragrance, dyes and ingredients of the baby product? Choosing a good Baby Lotion can be the best option as they cause no skin allergies even on the sensitive baby skin. And, with a natural pH level of 5.5, they are hypoallergenic, contain no artificial ingredients, & fragrance-free.


4. Prevent Eczema

Conventional baby soaps or bubble baths tend to be alkaline and aren’t right for the baby’s skin. Also, alkaline substance disturbs the acid mantle and causes skin irritation, rashes, redness, eczema. Infant eczema is common but needs extra care. We moms will definitely hate looking at those rashes, irritated and dry skin. So a dependable choice is  Baby Lotion for Dry Skin that has 7% natural lipids + lecithin + sorbitol for long-lasting hydration – perfect to keep your baby’s pH level of 5.5 well balanced.


5. Sweet Smelling Baby

I always hated slathering my little one with perfumed body lotion. But pleasant botanical fragrance when combined with the little one’s natural scent can be divine. Enjoy the no irritants/Paraffin/Silicon oil/Paraben and Propylene glycol-free body lotion with its very mild and soothing fragrance.
Tips To Choose The Best Body Lotion For Your Baby

6. Absorbency

Buy baby lotion with good absorbency rate, as Thinner lotions don’t get easily absorbed. Such Baby Lotion is an easily absorbed emollient with 7% lipids. Thus the lotion doesn’t remain on the baby’s skin surface for a longer duration and gets absorbed quickly.

7. Ingredients List

Always look up and understand the ingredients list mentioned on the baby skincare products. Our baby’s skin is very delicate and needs extra care while choosing a lotion. In addition, make sure the body lotion is hypoallergenic and has a pH of 5.5 to prevent an allergic reaction or skin infections.

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With many baby skincare brands in India having different formulations, choosing the right lotion for baby can be a tricky task. To help you find the perfect moisturizer for your baby, try out the above-mentioned tips from a Mommy.


Do let us know about the Tips To Choose The Best Body Lotion For Your Baby!!!



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