The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Teeth-Whitening Tips

The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Teeth-Whitening Tips

A perfect touch of gorgeousness for your big special day

Can anything be more depressing than an imperfect picture of one’s big special day?  It is not rare that we often shy away from taking pictures of our joyous moments even after having the perfect ambiance the perfect attire only because we feel embarrassed by our not so perfect teeth. Who does not want a picture perfect set of pearly white teeth? Especially when the day is of one’s wedding. A once in a lifetime to look the absolute best. Fortunately, there are a plethora of precautions that saves the day as the knight in shining armour. To make the event picture perfect five effective precautions are stated below-


1. Avoid the “Stain Causers”

While we enjoy munching on certain food items that bring pleasure to our pallets however they turn out to be harmful to our teeth. Tea and Coffee are one of the most consumed beverages across the world however they are the lead stain causes. Not only does coffee stain our teeth further it damages the tooth enamel. Apart from coffee beverages such as sodas, processed juice, booze stains teeth and adds an unattractive layer of yellowness.

Interestingly, while fruits are suggested to maintain a healthy body and healthy set of teeth there are a number of fruits that are recommended to be avoided by the dentists as they cause the teeth to lose its bright pearly glow. Blueberries, blackberries fall in this list. Apart from fruits tomato sauce also contributes to teeth discolouration. Therefore to have a perfect white pair of teeth one must sacrifice these addictive tasty treats.

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2. Give Baking Soda a try

Baking soda is considered to be the perfect component to keep teeth glistening like pearls, it is believed to have natural whitening properties. One tablespoon of baking soda is required to be mixed with two tablespoons of water and mixed into a thick paste to brush the teeth. The dentist suggests, using baking soda works significantly in removing stains.

It is to be mentioned that this remedy does not work overnight rather needs to be practiced approximately four days a week, twice a day and of course ones choice of consumption will definitely affect their teeth’s health. 

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The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Teeth-Whitening Tips

3. Consume healthy fruits and vegetables

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and this proverb works for the orthopedics as well. Studies show that consuming apples daily is not only good for one’s health but their teeth too. Apple works as a mouth cleanser, chewing apples helps scrub teeth. A healthy diet that includes green vegetables and fresh fruits may not directly cleanse teeth but chewing on the bits will help cleanse away the yellowish plaque that causes teeth discoloration. [READ: What Is Root Canal Treatment & When It Should Be Done?]

Pineapples and broccoli contain a high amount of Bromelain a compound containing anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties which can be found in toothpaste that are specially designed to remove stains. In fact, Broccoli is presumed to provide protection to the enamels so that harmful acids from consumed food cannot harm our teeth. Why buy the toothpaste when we can directly consume fresh food?

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4. Add more calcium’s to your diet

As we start growing old our teeth start to lose its glow. Nowadays marriages take place during the early to mid-thirties by when the teeth start losing its aura thus consumption of a healthy dose of calcium is a must. Be it in the form of milk, prescribed calcium tablets by the doctors. Nothing helps more than a tall glass of milk on a regular basis for not only strong bones but the bright pearly white smile which is expected from every newlywed bride.

Therefore, plenty of calcium should be added to one’s diet as the enamel starts growing old it starts exposing the dentin underneath which causes yellowish teeth and calcium helps strengthen up the enamel.

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5. A Yearly visit to the Dentist

Dentists are like the fairy godmothers who use their medical equipment’s as their magic wand to make keep our teeth healthy, glowing and pearly white. It is extremely important for everyone to visit the dentist once a year to make sure the condition of their teeth is fine. It is recommended that one must visit the dentist for once before their wedding to take the required treatments to make their teeth look healthy, bright and white.

There are professional teeth whitening procedures to make yellow or discoloured teeth pearly white, the cost might vary depending on the popularity and success rate of the dentist.

In a nutshell, it can be said, the secret behind the perfect wedding picture lies 80% on the pearly white teeth of the bride and groom and one must be super cautious to keep their brightest asset glistening like a pearl. A strict diet and the right choice of beverages is the key behind a perfect pre-wedding preparation for the power couple’s joyous smiling faces. After all, everyone waits their entire life for this big day and the mentioned methods will definitely make sure that their teeth are forever pearly white.

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