Gold Necklace: An all-rounder jewellery for every occasion

Gold Necklace: An all-rounder jewellery for every occasion


Jewellery has been one of the most important accessories of all times. It adds to one’s appearance without too much effort. The variety we have in each jewellery category is the reason why jewellery still remains the top choice for women while dressing up. Jewellery is not something only for special occasions but also for daily wear too!

Jewellery that adds a lot of oomph to your face is majorly preferred by women. One type of jewellery that makes you go from NAY to YAY immediately is a gold necklace. When talking about a gold necklace, we aren’t just referring to the heavy ones that you wear only during parties or weddings. A gold necklace studded with gemstones or crafted in antique jewellery is best suited for parties whereas the simple dainty ones are great for daily wear and workwear.

A much talked about topic around gold necklace is the difficulty to differentiate it between it and a pendant. While both are worn around the neck, a pendant is a loose trinket or charm that hangs from a chain. The chain can be changed from time to time as the need arises. As for the necklace, the charm (if any) is attached to the chain and can’t be detached.

If a gold necklace sounds a bit boring to you, you definitely don’t know how many different types of gold necklaces are there – Choker gold necklace, Collar gold necklace, Lariat gold necklace, Layered gold necklace, Pendant gold necklace and Rani Haar gold necklace. A choker necklace is one that sticks to your neck, a collar necklace is one that sits on your collar bones, lariat necklaces are those that have a long flowing pendant, the layered necklace includes more than a single chain, pendant necklace has a distinct charm hanging from the chain and rani haar gold necklace are these larger than life neck pieces which are usually longer and thicker than most usual necklaces. [READ: Types of Pendants A Woman Must Own in 2019]

Another important aspect of selecting the perfect gold necklace is gold purity. 24K gold is the purest form of gold, but the same can’t be used for making jewellery because it can be moulded with bare hands. That’s why it is mixed with alloys to make them sturdy. The preferred purity of gold for wedding jewellery is 22K. However, for daily wear, it’s advisable to use 18K.

Gone are the days when brides would wear just a single (or simple) piece of gold necklace for their wedding. Nowadays brides are decking themselves up in a variety of necklaces that adds the element of shine to their ensemble. Not the bright gold yellow, necklaces have more options. From gorgeous gemstone studded to antique finish, there are a lot of options to choose from. Also, have you heard of temple necklaces that are inspired by South Indian temples?

Besides weddings and likewise, the millennials are not as much of a gold lover as their previous generation. For the sparkle-loving souls, here are a bunch of diamond necklaces. The metal used in these necklaces is gold. Besides the ones mentioned above, diamond necklaces also include flexi necklace, rope necklace, etc. Rope necklaces are simple chain necklaces with a particular design or gemstone repeated throughout the length while flexi necklaces are free-size!

To sum it all up, a diamond and gold necklace is a simple yet gorgeous piece of jewellery that need not be kept aside for your everyday affairs. Feel free to wear them on your daily basis to work or when you are heading out for a wedding. On a final note, do let us know what’s your favourite type of gold necklace that you cannot do without.

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