Cool Travel Packing Tips For Solo Female Travelers

Cool Travel Packing Tips For Solo Female Travelers

Gone are the days when you travel only with family and friends. This is the modern world of solo travelers. You can find many guys and gals who just get their backpack, stuff the essentialities, get the bookings done and start exploring the unseen.
Although it may sound crazy, solo traveling has its own excitement. Imagine going to an unknown place, encountering unknown things and meeting unknown people all alone. Fascinating, right? But beware! While solo traveling has many pros, sometimes it could cause hassles. All that you need is to remain careful and alert and equipped with all the essentialities. Featured on, you may get some of the basic traveling accessories easily.
If you are a female solo traveler, we have some awesome packing tips for you. Check them out and make your voyage cherishing, memorable and at the same time safe.

1. Comfort Should Be The Priority
Wearing only the apparels which make you feel comfortable and confident is most crucial while traveling. They will make you feel cozy not only while roaming around the new city but in the long flight as well. Soft cotton t-shirts and a pair of pants are perfect. You may also pack things like shrugs and cardigans that are convertible. It will make you look new in each picture and at the same time reduce the extra set of clothes in the bag.

2. Carry A Backpack

Cool Travel Packing Tips For Solo Female Travelers A backpack is perfect while traveling. It can hold a lot of things and at the same time don’t feel too heavy to the shoulders. Moreover, your hands are free all the time. Who wants to carry a rolling suitcase or heavy side bags anyway? The backpack also makes sense when you are flying with airlines which are strict about the weight limits. You can carry little eatables, water bottle and other traveling essentialities with no hassle.

3. Stuff Some Plastic Bags
Plastic bags are handy and perfect to carry in your luggage. You may put toiletries without the fear of them leaking and rotting your clothes. Moreover, you can also keep wine bottles in the layers of plastic bags before padding them between the clothes.
Plastic bags also make sense when you go and buy stuff from the new city. You may simply carry them in those bags and later transfer to your luggage.

4. Pair Of Clothes In A Backpack

Cool Travel Packing Tips For Solo Female Travelers It is a good idea to carry one pair of t-shirt and pant in your backpack. They will not weigh too much and help you in emergency situations. Clothes may get dirty during the traveling hours due to plenty of reasons. However, with an extra set, you will always be ready to handle the situation.

5. Less Footwear
We suggest packing just one pair of shoes while traveling and wearing another one. This will ensure that you will always have an extra set. Carrying more shoes will only increase the burden. Make sure the shoes you are wearing and carrying are both comfortable and easy to wear.

6. Money Spots
Money is essential while traveling solo. You should never keep all the money in one place. It is better if you distribute them like- some amount in the wallet, some in the backpack and some in the suitcase. If anyone of them gets lost or stolen, you will still have some amount to work the things out.

7. Definitely Get Your Usb Charger
In this technology-driven world, the life of a traveler revolves around mobile. Isn’t it? From planning the bookings to finding places through the Google maps- this small handy device is like a blessing. So make sure it never runs out of battery. Carry a USB charger in the backpack to make things easy.

8. Accessories For Safety
You have to accept the fact that this world is not safe, especially for women. Therefore if you are traveling alone, you must carry some safety gadgets in your backpack like pepper sprays, Swiss knife, small torch, key chain alarm and small locks to lock your bags to avoid theft or pickpocketing.
Make sure you have saved the emergency phone numbers of the city on your phone. You never know when you might feel to dial them. Also, while roaming around keep a firm grasp of your phone. The incidents of looting the phone are always high with the travelers. So beware!

Wrapping Up

Traveling alone is a lot of fun. It is like getting out from your comfort zone and facing and accepting everything wholeheartedly. Some things which once seem scary might become your new normal. So, if the idea of solo traveling is in mind, it is the time to give it a shape.
Always keep the above points in handy to make sure your expedition becomes worth cherishing. We wish you a safe and happy journey!

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