Beauty Therapy Tips For Your Feet

Beauty Therapy Tips For Your Feet

Beauty therapy aims at bettering a person’s inner and outside look. Many people go for beauty therapy with the aim of staying young, let’s face it, people fear aging. People who have gone for beauty therapy have come out the other end different. It has given others unseen confidence they didn’t know they had and bring out potential. Beauty therapy involves expertise on various skills such as make-up prowess, nail and skin care, massages as well as hair styling. Here we focus mainly on the ways to ensure your feet stay good-looking and healthy. Below are some beneficial tips for foot care:

Smoothen Your Feet

There is a common occurrence where the bottom part of your feet has a cracking exterior. This could be because of lack of moisture since the skin underneath your skin is usually dry and rough. People who experience this condition could try softening their feet by moisturizing every day with oils, Vaseline, or heel cream. After that, you will be recommended to soak your feet in warm water for ten minutes some days within the week. Finally, add some liquid soap to the warm water, which will lead to softening of the dead skin underneath. Another preferred way of softening is the use of a pumice stone or foot file. After soaking for 10-15 minutes use the stone to scrub off the dead skin making your feet as smooth as silk. You can choose to do this at the comfort of your home or pay a professional. [READ: How to do a perfect Manicure At-Home]

Beauty Therapy Tips For Your Feet


If your feet are vulnerable to drying and cracking, you could go to a skin care clinic and buy moisturizing products; they are cheap these days. Creams containing petrolatum are most preferred as they bring in moisture to the skin. You can use a massager to ensure the ointment gets deep into your foot. These massagers for your feet are tailor-made to ensure it gets the job done, on your foot. If the drying and cracking do not stop, you could opt to see a dermatologist for treatment. To avoid dry hard skin on your feet, you are advised to wear thick softened socks and use soft insoles.

Use Sunscreen

It is recommended to apply sunscreen when stepping out on a sunny day when wearing sandals or barefoot. The unfiltered rays of the sun may be too much for your skin and feet to bare, and as a result, you could get severe sunburns. For those with delicate skin, the damage could be worse. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 is recommended for your feet.


Since feet carry you to your desired location, it is better to take care of them as the walking and running take a toll on your feet causing injuries. Take time out of your busy schedule and give your feet a spoiling they deserve. [READ: 7 Tips In Choosing A Skin Specialist In Dubai]

Visiting the local spa once a week could prove beneficial. Feet are uncelebrated heroes in our daily life; they should be treated occasionally. If you are creative, you can decide to make your own tool-kit for foot care and have necessities such as pumice stones, nail clippers, foot files among others.

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Fish Therapy

Beauty Therapy Tips For Your Feet

First, this form of beauty therapy is not as creepy as it sounds. It is an exfoliating treatment for feet done by fish in special tanks. It has been practiced in the Middle East and some parts in Europe for quite some time and is catching on. The doctor fish by nickname performs this task for you. The process involves soaking your feet in a tub for 20-30 minutes where the fish eat cuticles, calluses, and corns and eliminates the dead dry skin. This procedure will cost you top dollar, and it is a beauty therapy for the rich. It is a safe and minimal chance of getting infections.

Fight Fungus

Many anti-fungal treatments are in the form of creams, liquids spray among others. A person suffering from mild cases of athlete’s foot would be advised to use the above treatments. Bacteria or algae can cause a fungus, therefore, posing a health problem. A fungus can make your feet smell due to bad hygiene and cause uneasiness. Those having dry feet are recommended to use antifungal lotion. Those with sweaty feet ought to use medicated powder containing aluminum chloride hexahydrate, which keeps feet dry.

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  1. Sunscreen on feet?! Never thought about it. I will do it (though not going out nowadays). Fish treatment scares me. However I do take good care – I do filing, cream etc. Thanks for your tips.


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