9 Last Minute Gift Ideas

9 Last Minute Gift Ideas

With a full calendar, a busy day, and a thousand things to remember, it’s entirely understandable that may be a birthday here, or anniversary there, seem to skip your memory until just a moment before the special day.

It happens to the best of us, but it doesn’t mean you show up empty-handed.

Whether it’s two days before or two hours before, there are still a handful of ways (or two) to help you make sure you don’t show up without something.

Here’s a list of last minute ideas you can easily find and ship within a day or two, plus we’ve gone ahead and sorted it out by potential character-types, just to make it easy on you.

9 Last Minute Gift Ideas

  1. The Adventurous One: A Kool8 water bottle

This is a ​perfect stainless steel water bottle choice ​for the outdoorsy, adventuresome friend of yours.

They will appreciate its sleek, durable bottle, and it comes in a variety of colors. It is insulated, so it helps maintain the liquid’s temperature for hours on end, and even has a tea infuser in the cap for a little kick of flavor when you want one.

They also will appreciate that it’s a gift that gives: the company provides reusable water bottles to areas of need to help maintain hydration in other areas as well. It ships in just one day. The company is based out of Chicago and has already been included in Cool Things Chicago Magazine’s ​best water bottles for hiking roundup​.

2. TheWine Aficionado: discreet wine tote

Any true wine-lover is going to love the ​convenience ​of this wine tote that can hold two full bottles of wine, and even has a perfect little spout to pour from so you don’t have to worry about wasting any with some spills. The tote comes in four different colors, and ships in one day. The insulated liner-bag keeps your wine at an enjoyable temperature, so when you’re headed to the beach, pool, or the lake, you’ll not need to worry about trying to keep it from getting too warm.

3.The Sentimental One: personalized apparel

This company can screen-print images, logos, designs, and words onto high-quality fabrics, and can ship it in just two days. There’s very little lag time, and you’ll have a uniquely customized shirt, sweatshirt, polos, or even totes and blankets! Take a picture they like or maybe their favorite quote or catch-phrase and give them a unique piece of apparel that they won’t find on anyone else. It’s hard to beat ​custom athletic shirts ​that ship in just two days.

4. The Intellectual or Bookish One: an audiobook credit

With​​thousands​of books to choose from, you can get a simple credit in their name for one of any number of novels and stories. From non-fiction biographies, or self-help novels, to best-selling fictional stories, covering any topics, including politics, mystery, history, poetry, fantasy or sci-fi. Some of them are even read by the author, just for our listening pleasure. But take the guesswork out of it for you, a simple gift card means they’ll get to make the decision themselves, so you know they’ll love it. IT can be purchased and downloaded instantly.

5. The Foodie: DIY hot sauce kit

You know the foodie. This is the one who loves talking about some new joint they ate last weekend or is great about giving you tips on how to up your dinner game, and even still talks about that Italian pasta dish that they devoured in Rome years back. They have an appreciation, and it’s not always easy to cook for this friend or family member. Encourage them to really try their ​taste​-buds and get into the work themselves with a hot sauce kit that they make themselves! It comes with all the necessary parts and flavorings, and it can ship in a day or two.

6. The Sweet-Toothed One: a box of chocolate-strawberries

This is a great choice for both a friend with a real craving for​ sweets ​as well as a romantic gesture for a partner or significant other. They can be ordered online and delivered right to your recipient on the day you want, looking perfectly fresh and delicious. There is also a selection of other sweets, treats, and fruit arrangements to choose from.

7. The Whiskey Lover: a whiskey tasting basket

This one’s a bit on the pricier side because of its selection of ​​alcohol ​and treats. The best part is the fact that there are plenty of baskets, so you can head here as well for your bourbon lover, beer lover, scotch lover, etc. They even offer the ability to make your own basket filled with hand-picked goods. And yes, of course they are able to ship within a day so you have quick delivery just in time.

8.​ TheRomantic One: a traditional bouquet of flowers

Maybe it’s not the most exciting or fun idea, but there’s a reason why flowers have been an anniversary or birthday gift staple for decades. They’re ​classic​, sweet, romantic, and you can even include a personalized card just for your special one. Special selections available for same day delivery, so if you’re especially last minute, this could be a life-saver. You can even add a balloon, teddy bear, or chocolates to the gift. READ: How To Give Flowers Anywhere You Want

9.​ TheHumorous One: innuendo-driven party game

A lot of people can enjoy this one, but someone with a particularly solid sense of humor will love to be able to bring it around to friends and parties, just to give everyone a good laugh. This game comes with two sets of cards, and players have to try to play the funniest/dirtiest card to team up with the main card. Funniest draw wins! And of course, it can ship next day.


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