6 Parent Tested Ways To Reduce Screen Time For Children

6 Parent Tested Ways To Reduce Screen Time For Children

These days most parents are concerned about the screen time of our children. While some amount of screen time activities is known to be good for children, but kids with less time with screens tend to sleep longer, fall asleep faster, eat healthier, and stay healthier. However, reducing children’s screen time can be a great challenge for parents and kids too. In fact, Reducing screen time for children can also help in preventing childhood obesity. As your child spends less time with the screen, they tend to interact more and learn many valuable social skills. Hence we created “6 Parent Tested Ways To Reduce Screen Time For Children,” for helping young kids to spend lesser time with the screens and more time with their parents and friends. Try these tips to notice the real difference in your family!

6 Parent Tested Ways To Reduce Screen Time For Children


1. Become A Role Model

The first and the most important rule to help your child reduce screen time their parents become their good role model. It’s equally important that parents participate with children’s activities, play games with them and their own cell phone & computer use. After all, Children imitate their parents!


2. Engage Children In Activities

Engage your child into activities to keep them away from the screen. Plan a group picnic, make crafts together, buy activity boxes, and ask to help in the household chores and cooking.6 Parent Tested Ways To Reduce Screen Time For Children

Recently I bought FirstCry Intellikit Box, 4-6 years for my 4 years daughter. Firstly my lil one was so amazed by the quirky, fun and colorful box design. This activity box for children had 9 interesting activities to help my kiddo develop creative, motor, logical, vocabulary and constructive thoughts. this is a theme based activity box which has actually helped me reduce the screen time of my baby in a fun learning way. I am completely impressed with their teaching ways and at the same time keep my little one busy. Intellikit activity boxes come for 3 age groups like 2 – 3 year old, 3 – 4 year old and 4-6 year old. They keep coming up with a different theme every month for different age groups such as space, animals, Nature, transport, etc.  this box is so appropriate for my kiddo’s age with crafts, puzzles, and a storybook.  I sat with her to explain the activity and help her complete them.

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3. No Tech Zones

We made a point to Keep a few places at our home where no tech gadgets were allowed such as bedroom and dining room. This helped in reducing our child’s exposure to tech gadgets. This also made sure that our child’s sleeping and eating habits weren’t affected.


4. Try Scheduling

We never wanted to stop the screen time completely, and thus Assigning a fixed time helps a lot. We Tried scheduling her television and other gadgets watch time. This was the time when we watched television together including all family members at home or played some mobile games together for 10 to 15 minutes. While this also ensures a good parental control over her content the child is exposed to.

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5.  Reading Books

There are numerous children’s books available in the market these days such as picture books, activity book, vocabulary book, educational books. These have beautiful illustrations that surely help to grab my child’s attention, and instilled the reading love in her.

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6. Explain About The Disadvantages Of Excess Screen Time

My child definitely deserved to know why we aren’t allowing her to play mobile or watch television for a longer duration. As we tried explaining her about the dangers of watching too much of screen time she was ready to obey few instructions.

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Reduce Screen Time For Children are definitely not an easy task and took me for than a month. But slowly and steadily these tips helped me a lot to reduce her screen time. And now we have more of family time, playtime, learning time and also see a lot of good behavior and developmental changes. Thank you FirstCry Intellikit Box for making this actually come true. Try this Activity Kits For Your Child and see the different! Tried and Tested!!!


Do share your thoughts for 6 Parent Tested Ways To Reduce Screen Time For Children!!!

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