How to Apply Lipstick For That Picture-Perfect Pout

How to Apply Lipstick For That Picture-Perfect Pout

While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, it is a lipstick that almost no woman ever leaves her home without. The right shade of lipstick has the power to make or break your look, and can even give you the necessary je ne sais quoi! However, most ladies would agree that applying lipstick is an art that demands precision. So, whether you’re a humble beginner or a pro looking to perfect your hand, these simple lipstick hacks are your ultimate guide on how to put on lipstick:


Before you wonder about how to put on lipstick, make sure that you wipe off your lips so that there is no residue or extra oil on your lips. The residue of your previous lip balm or colour can make your lips extra slippery that will keep your lipstick from lasting for long.


Lipsticks have a tendency of drying out your lips. You can make sure that your lips stay hydrated throughout the day by putting on a thin layer of chapstick or lip balm before application. However, take care to not put on a thick layer as it will make your lipstick wear off sooner.

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Applying foundation on your lips may sound a bit off your usual routine but it does wonders to your lips. Take a pinch of your foundation on the tip of your finger or brush and spread it evenly across your lips. This will make your lipstick last longer and will give an even, polished look to your pout!


We cannot stress enough the importance of lip liners. Not only do they prevent your lipstick from bleeding out, but they also give your lips a sharper look. You can apply the lip liner on the outline of your lip or can even use it to give your lips a new definition. Take care that your lip liner is of the same shade or lighter than your lipstick so that it doesn’t stand out.

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How to Apply Lipstick For That Picture-Perfect Pout

All this prepping takes you to the final task of applying that final stroke of the colour of the day. Before you google videos about how to apply lipstick, we’ve got a couple of things you could try! Apply your lipstick either directly or with a brush, whichever suits you best. Start at the centre of the lip and move towards the corner for an even look. Make sure that you apply the lipstick within the lip liner to prevent it from bleeding out.

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How to Apply Lipstick For That Picture-Perfect Pout

If you’re going for a magazine-perfect look and aim for perfection then you can contour with a bit of the foundation around your lip. If needed, you can also


The final step is to blot your lips to prevent your lipstick from wearing off too soon or sticking to your teeth. Take a facial tissue, fold it in half, put it between your lips, and press gently. You can also dust your lips with a bit of powder to make it last longer and give a matte look.

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Say bye bye to countless lipstick tutorials, these simple lipstick hacks will give you the lips for that perfect pout and will make sure that your lipstick stays on for as long as you’re out!

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