16 Elegant Designer Blouses for Wedding Sarees

16 Elegant Designer Blouses for Wedding Sarees

A saree is as stylish, beautiful, or elegant as the blouse it’s paired with. They are both important garments for each other. Women spend a lot of time and energy shopping for the best wedding saree for them, a relative, or a friend. Everything on your big day is important, however, the attire you wear on that day is the most important.

Since all eyes will be on you, you will need to look your best. That means you must choose a very gorgeous blouse to match with your stunning saree. The blouse has to complement the saree’s colour, design, patterns, and style if you want to match your statement style. [READ: Astrological Benefits of Ruby Stone]

16 Elegant Designer Blouses for Wedding Sarees

When choosing a blouse for your wedding saree there are some things you have to consider.

  • If your saree is heavy, go for a simple neck design blouse.
  • Understand the design and colour combinations of your saree.
  • Choose the right sleeves for your blouse.
  • Do you want a simple or grand blouse?

Let’s look at some beautiful designer blouses you can choose for your wedding saree.

  1. Traditional print blouse

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If you love wearing traditional attire then a Rajasthan wedding blouse is the best choice. This blouse is a classic bridal look in Western India. It’s a sleeveless blouse with a high collar and a beautiful round slit at the back. The stunning designs on this blouse make it one of the most beautiful bridal blouse designs.

2. Bridal pallaki design saree

This blouse design is of bearers carrying the lovely bride depicting the theme of your big day. This elaborate and exquisite embroidery done on this blouse is sure to give you many glances from your visitors. This beautiful blouse is the perfect choice for your wedding day

3. Classic silk blouse

This silk blouse has a rounder and broader neck than usual. It has bordered neck and sleeves with the sleeves having a neat and simple floral design spread all over the sleeves. The saree and the blouse are of the same colour or you can opt to go for another coordinating color.

4. Leaf style wedding blouse design

The pattern on this bridal blouse is a sequined work of leaves. The zari work done in silver threads and the beads set this blouse apart with this awesome look. This is an attractive and eye-catching blouse to wear on your wedding day.

5. Blouse with golden lace

If you are a fun of matching your saree with your blouse design then this designer bridal blouse will be your best bet. It has a golden lace that matches perfectly with the saree. This wedding blouse design is preferred by most Indian women.

6. Square cut blouse

This is one of the latest bridal blouse designs in the market today. It has a very beautiful back with embroidery and stone work done all over the blouse. It has a high neck with bordered sleeves which gives it a unique look. This type of bridal blouse designs is mostly found in Bengali culture.

7. Semi-sleeved wedding blouse design

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This blouse has a very small sleeve with unique embroidery done on it. It has a deep neck with strings on top. This blouse has an alluring look and it’s one on the latest bridal blouse designs that you can find at stylecaret that is becoming very popular.

8. Jacket style pink bridal blouse design

This is an absolutely elegant bridal blouse design. This blouse has one longer end which is buttoned up with beautiful golden buttons on the other end. The front part of the blouse has a lot of details on it which is perfect if paired with a transparent saree so as not to hide its beauty.

9. Low cut mirror work pink blouse

The stonework done on this blouse is quite impressive. This blouse is padded and it has mirrors all over the blouse giving it a classy look. This is the best blouse to wear if you are worried that your seams might be showing.

10. Green wedding blouse design

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This will be a perfect choice for a pretty blouse for your wedding day. This beautiful blouse has a green base with a lot of machine-work done on the neck, shoulders, and sleeves. This is the best blouse if you have a slim physique.

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11. Red pattu blouse design

If you want to go bold you can choose bright red attire. It’s a very attractive colour that is popular in South India. This blouse has a lot of decorations done on it by hand which makes it more special. This blouse perfectly fits with a matching saree which enhances the bride’s beauty. These blouses can be seen with celebrities at wedding events and you can also wear it at your wedding.

12. Kundan work bridal blouse

This awesome blouse is among the latest bridal blouse designs. Using artificial decoration materials, cute patterns have been done on this Kundan blouse. It has a pipe neck pattern on the back that will make you look even more beautiful when paired with a white or red saree.

13. Modern bridal blouse design

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This blouse has a really awesome design. The backsides of this blouse and the sleeves have delicate and beautiful work done all over it which gives it a unique look. It also has a rope pattern on the back with attachments that make this blouse one of the best blouses anyone would want to wear. [Read: All About Bandhni Silk Sarees]

14. Heavy work on sleeves blouse design

If you want to mesmerize your guests and give them something to talk about, wear this beautiful blouse to your wedding. This stunning wide neck blouse design has intricate work done on the sleeves and neck borders giving it a unique look. [READ: 5 Latest Women Ethnic Wear For This Diwali]

15. Unique blouse design for weddings

This blouse design has a cool and pretty look. It has some unique attachments and a beautiful colour that will enhance your beauty on your big day.

16. Golden blouse for wedding

This list cannot be complete without this beautiful and trendy blouse design. This golden blouse design is very attractive and very much loved by most brides.


These blouse designs are for bridal sarees that are sure to catch the eye of your guests on your big day.

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