Top 8 Best Selling Condom Brands in India

Top 8 Best Selling Condom Brands in India

It is often the best method to use a condom for safe sex, STDs prevention and also for birth control. There are numerous birth control ways, but male condom seems to be the safest and most popular in India. Condoms are made using latex and they are available in many sizes, colors, textures, and even flavors. The condom’s texture & flavor helps in amplifying sexual pleasure. In fact, there are brands that have introduced ultra-thin condoms which feel it’s almost not there. There are condoms with added lubrication for lasting sex pleasure. The very popular Condom brands in India are Manforce, Durex, Kamasutra, and Skore which keep coming up with different types of condoms for better sexual experience. Want to know what are the best condoms in India? Firstly it’s important to know how to choose the best condom.

Here’s the list of Top 8 Best Selling Condom Brands in India


1. ManForce Extra Dotted Condoms

Top 8 Best Selling Condom Brands in India

ManForce Extra Dotted Condoms is popular to enhance pleasure during sex. This Dotted condom provides extra “G” spot friction for heightened experience and extra pleasure. And they come in a coffee flavor for extra sweetness during the pleasurable moment.




2. Skore TimeLess Dotted, Ribbed and Climax Delay Condoms

Top 8 Best Selling Condom Brands in India

Men definitely hate reaching climax too early. And some also buy early discharge medicines online that helps them stay strong during sex. Score delay climax condoms are the perfect solution of early discharge problem. These are effective to delay the process of ejaculation process without any side effects. These condoms contain benzocaine, water-based desensitizing agent that numbs the male private part for some time and prevents sensitivity. [READ: How to Improve Sex – 5 Tips To That You Can Follow]



3. Kamasutra Superthin

Top 8 Best Selling Condom Brands in India

KamaSutra is one of the oldest and best condoms available in India. They have their inspiration from orthodox Hindu text and human sexual behavior. These ultra-thin cheap condoms come in a 20’s pack. The packaging has quite attractive graphics and design.  This is a non-dotted latex condom and lightly lubricated containing benzocaine that helps in pregnancy prevention.

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4. Durex Air Ultra Thin Condoms

Top 8 Best Selling Condom Brands in India

Durex is the top selling condom brands in India. They manufacture rich flavored and high ecstasy condoms at affordable prices. Durex Air Ultra Thin Condoms is non-latex and claims to give bare skin sex experience. There is a wide variety of flavors to choose from like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, grapes, and much more. A packet comes with 10 ultra-thin condoms which help in sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy prevention. This one is the best ultra thin condom for all Latex-sensitive users. Try this condom to feel bare skin experience and heightened sensitivity while intercourse.



5. Skyn Condom

Top 8 Best Selling Condom Brands in India

Skyn condoms from Kamasutra are non-latex and ultra-soft for skin feel. They come with intensely raised dots having wave design texture. Also, the Extra Lubricated makes it extra smooth and long-lasting.





6. Kohinoor Dotted Condom with Flavor

Top 8 Best Selling Condom Brands in India

Kohinoor is the local brand of Durex in India. Their flavored condoms and unique fragrance of meetha paan and kala khatta are popular for its desi-flavours. Meetha Pan Flavor condom is known for enhancing the intense love and intimate time. These have dots for sensual love making and are electronically tested for a safe act.

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7. Carex Powershot

Top 8 Best Selling Condom Brands in India

This premium Malaysian Condom is now also available in India. These are made using natural Malaysian latex which is known to be quite durable and very strong. These latex condoms have no side effects & are effective for prolonged play.




8. Moods Absolute XTASY

Top 8 Best Selling Condom Brands in India

This is cheap but among the top selling condom brand in India. These are easily available at any retail outlets or chemist shops. It helps in building an intimate mood and available in S, M, L & XL size. There are 36 flavored condoms in one packet and comes with super fine dots for extra sexual pleasure. These condoms are coated using benzocaine, known for spermicide which can kill sperms if condoms tend to break during your playtime.



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Do let us know if you have anything to add in the list of Top 8 Best Selling Condom Brands in India!!!

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