Top 10 Must Have Electronic Appliances You Can’t Live Without

Top 10 Must Have Electronic Appliances You Can’t Live Without

Modern Indian homes are the largest consumers of electronic items in the world. This electrical home appliances help to make one’s life smooth, efficient, easy and precise. Every household is dependent on these electrical appliances to achieve their daily chorus quickly and easily for a better life. With the modern lifestyle, there has been a boom in the Indian market for modern gadgets and amenities, but there are some which make to the basic home appliances list.

Top 10 Must-Have Electronic Appliances You Can’t Live Without


1. Air Conditioner 

Many parts of India experience harsh weather conditions throughout the year and cases during summer are even worst. Sometimes the temperatures even rise up to 50˚C and thus air conditioners are becoming an integral part of every Indian household. This helps to maintain the normal temperatures level and keep out the heat.  Also, global warming is becoming a serious issue in India that has increased the demand for cooling systems in Indian homes.

2. Washing Machine 
Top 10 Must Have Electronic Appliances You Can’t Live Without

We all love to keep our clothes Clean and dry.  This is definitely the most basic requirement for all households that have to be done on a daily basis. And if you’re working or don’t want a housemaid, washing machines come to a great rescue. They come in wide varieties like front load, top load, semi-automatic, automatic, etc. to suit as per your need.  A washing machine has recently become the most basic home appliances of every household for its precision and efficiency in quick time. Most people in India still prefer to do their laundry manually, but fully automatic washing machines can save loads of time and work too. Buy best front load washing machine in India from the home appliances store or electronic stores.


3. Refrigerator 
Top 10 Must Have Electronic Appliances You Can’t Live Without

This is the most essential general electric appliances found in any house.  Refrigerator plays a very important role in food storage & preserving. Every Indian home has a refrigerator to prevent their food items and grocery from spoiling due to climatic conditions.  There are many popular brands of refrigerators in India that often come with improved technologies and even better models. With smart and speedy generation even refrigerators are getting smart. Today it’s not just for storing food items or cold water. These days best fridge in India has much more to offer like large storage space, quick freeze, frost free, odourless, easy maintenance, 3-4-5 doors, and much more.  


4. Induction Stove 
Top 10 Must Have Electronic Appliances You Can’t Live Without

Natural gas-cylinder prices are whooping these days and thus induction stoves are getting popular in every Indian household. These are considered the best alternatives for gas and also have many added benefits. Induction stoves are also preferred by students, bachelors or singles for its efficiency, affordability and instant cooking than traditional gas stoves. Thinking about getting the smart cooking station? Induction cooktops are the perfect solution for traditional gas stoves or the electric heaters.

Indian cooking has evolved in many ways and so is the cooking technique. Indian cooking style has changed from traditional coal cooking to modern smart cooking technique. Also, this stylish and sleek electronic appliance is so thoughtfully designed to match the Indian cooking needs in a very safe and easy way.

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5. Vacuum Cleaner 

Most Indian home doesn’t prefer Vacuum Cleaner and love to keep their home clean manually. But slowly people understand the value and use of Vacuum Cleaner in their daily life. Vacuum Cleaner is a must have electronic appliances in the homes of every working people, busy moms, elders to keep your home clean to the perfection.  Vacuum cleaners are becoming affordable these days due to the tough competition in the market and are no more a luxury electronic appliance.


6. Camera 
Top 10 Must Have Electronic Appliances You Can’t Live Without

We are so obsessed with pictures these days and not just mobiles but even cameras are getting handy. And even today Capturing moments with a camera is preferred for its professional picture quality.


7. Microwave Oven 
Top 10 Must Have Electronic Appliances You Can’t Live Without

When you have very little time to cook or warm up the food items instantly, a microwave oven is an appliance you must own in your kitchen. Electronic appliances like Microwave ovens are best for baking purposes.


8. Water Purifier 

Due to the growing pollution in India, purified water has become the most essential need today.  These days water purifier is installed in every household to remove all impurities from water. Water purifiers are vital to get pure, safe and clean drinking water and make your life safe and healthier. There are many water purifiers available in Indian market with different purification techniques for good quality drinking water. A good water purifier helps in the removal of suspended particles, excess salts & microbes while retaining the needed vitamins & minerals.

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9. Television 
Top 10 Must Have Electronic Appliances You Can’t Live Without

Televisions are the most basic source of entertainment and every household own it. These primary electronic appliances come at many prices for its quality, size, technology, and shape. However there is a rise in video consumption on digital platforms, television still marks the favorite of all Indian. In fact, this is an entertainment source that helps in binding Indian family together. Televisions are also loved for community watching of cricket matches, blockbuster films or serials in rural or urban India. A TV is the most popular mass entertainment choice for India. Be it rich or poor, farmers, housewives, elders, or kids, a TV will always remain the first choice for the screen.


10. Mixer Grinder 
Top 10 Must Have Electronic Appliances You Can’t Live Without

Indians love to use spices to make their dishes flavourful. And kitchen appliances definitely help to make the tasks easier.  Among many kitchen products, mixer grinder is the most used electronic appliances in every Indian household. They are useful to make the cutting, mixing & grinding tasks easier to perfection.  Buy kitchen appliances online to find your favorite from the wide range. There are many mixer grinder brands in India and their models also differ. The old models of Grinders were used only for smashing or grinding, while these days they come along a juicer jar.


Do you have anything to add in the list of Top 10 Must Have Electronic Appliances You Can’t Live Without?

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