The Proven Baby Sleep Tips that Ensure You Get Yours

The Proven Baby Sleep Tips that Ensure You Get Yours

The first few months of a newborn’s life are usually the toughest for parents with sleep proving a calming escape that keeps you sane. So when your baby is having problems falling or staying asleep then the house can seem like an endless battlefront with round-the-clock crying serving up enough ammunition to drive you off the edge. Lucky for you though, we arrive just in the nick of time with a couple of baby sleep tips to ensure that you regain control. Read on to find out more.


1)  A bottle before sleep keeps the baby asleep

There are a number of reasons why babies wake up moments after they close their eyes with that overflowing list including noise, discomfort, and hunger. To take care of the latter aspect, make room on the timetable for one last meal before you put the baby to bed each time. For the former two concerns, dress your baby in comfy nightwear and keep the noise to a minimum and as far away as possible.


2)  Swaddling works like a charm

The Proven Baby Sleep Tips that Ensure You Get Yours

It might be one of the oldest tricks in the books but wrapping your baby in warm and soothing cloths such as blankets is a sure-fire way to set him/her on the way to slumberland. A tight swaddle is effective because it affords babies a sense of security as they are usually plagued by a startle reflex which induces the unnerving sensation of falling. The huge warm embrace of a blanket alleviates this fear and the discomfort that comes with it.

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3)  Using baby co-sleepers helps get the job done as well

The Proven Baby Sleep Tips that Ensure You Get Yours

If you are distressed at thought of leaving your baby in a room separate from yours, which of course most parents are during the early days of parenthood, then a baby co-sleeper affords an excellent compromise. A good and comfy baby co-sleeper works to create a cozy sleeping environment for your little one while comforting you in the knowledge that your baby is literally by your side and that you are at arm’s length should she/he need anything.


4)  Avoiding eye contact when inducing sleep is advisable

When a baby locks eyes with a parent, the adrenaline in his blood starts racing and he gets excited and alert; conditions not so favorable for instigating sleep. So while rocking your baby to sleep, avert your gaze elsewhere and keep him close to your chest in a position where he can see very little else of what’s going on around him. Boredom should set in after a while and sleep along with it.

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5)  Artificial lighting is a no-no especially at night

The Proven Baby Sleep Tips that Ensure You Get Yours

Your baby’s room or wherever else it is he takes a nap should have as little artificial lighting as possible- not forgetting electronic media such as phones- as with babies, it’s usually a case of the darker it is the better. If you aren’t comfortable with total darkness, blue lights are the way to go with science linking incandescent and fluorescent light to disrupting sleep patterns and the former variation shown to have little effect in this regard.

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One last thing: don’t be too quick to check on your baby if he wakes up in the middle of the night crying. Babies normally experience short periods of jostled wakes where they are momentarily distressed before quickly falling back to sleep. At other times, they might even still be asleep whilst crying so be sure to give it a minute or two before you rush in to see what’s wrong.

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