5 Things You Should Avoid Wearing This Winter

5 Things You Should Avoid Wearing This Winter

Dressing up in winter is challenging because you do not only have to be prepared for the wrath of winter cold but also you need to look stylish. For the sake of fashion, we do some peculiar things. But when it comes to keeping warm in the wintertime we have to draw a line. Thankfully layering up for winters can also be stylish and fashionable. But you should have the knowledge of what you should and should not wear during winter. Here are some tips on what you should avoid wearing this winter.


1. Cotton Sweaters

5 Things You Should Avoid Wearing This Winter

The cotton sweater looks like wool or cashmere sweaters but once the temperature starts dropping you will feel the difference. The cotton sweater looks fashionable but it does not serve its purpose in winter. Instead of wearing a cotton sweater you can surely opt for a wool or cashmere sweater as these not only look fashionable but also keep you warm all day long during winters.

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2. Distressed Jeans

5 Things You Should Avoid Wearing This Winter

Who does not like a pair of distressed jeans? Pretty much everyone has a pair of distressed jeans in their wardrobe. But during winters it’s not a wise choice to go out wearing distressed jeans. Even a tiny hole in your jeans can make you feel cold in winter weather. You can always go for normal jeans or skinny jeans. If you really want to wear distressed jeans then you could wear tights underneath the jeans, it will look good and you don’t have to worry about cold seeping through holes.

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3. Leather Jackets

5 Things You Should Avoid Wearing This Winter

Well, a leather jacket is something you can wear anytime but during winters it does not serve the purpose of keeping you warm. The leather jacket is not too light to layer it up and you cannot wear it alone. Although a leather jacket makes you look desirable at the same time it will not beat the cold away. You can instead wear a winter coat. Do not worry winters coats are also stylish and will keep you warm. Learn which hats to wear from The Hats Guide to go with jackets if you still want to sport leather jackets.


4. Skirts or Dresses Without Tights

5 Things You Should Avoid Wearing This Winter

We all own quite a few skirts and dresses but during winter we cannot wear those without getting our legs froze up. But our fashion sense sometimes differs from rational thoughts and we end up wearing those exciting cute little skirts and dresses without tights. You can overcome this situation of freezing yourself to death by simply adding tights to your attire. You can wear tights with skirts and dresses to keep yourself warm without compromising your style.


5. Mules and Sandals

5 Things You Should Avoid Wearing This Winter

You should at all cost avoid wearing these. Mules and sandals not only mismatch with your winter attire but also leave enough amount of skin exposed to harsh cold weather. Although you can wear these with socks but its better to opt for pumps or boots. Pumps and boots not only enhance your winter look but also keep your feet cozy and warm.

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Now that everything has been cleared about what you should and you should not wear this winter you will find it quite easy to get through this winter season. It is very important for everyone to know that they cannot wear whatever they want in winters because as much as you will like to look fashionable you will also end up being cold all through the day. You have to choose wisely your outfits during winter as you don’t want to become a freezing popsicle. Wear clothes that are warm yet does not ruin your style. Your main motive during winters should be to keep yourself warm and cozy


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