10 Fashion Rules That Makes Or Breaks My Look ***Secret Reveled***

10 Fashion Rules That Makes Or Breaks My Look ***Secret Reveled***

I am a girl who reads a magazine, does many fashion search online, but ultimately abides by my own style. But With time I have learned it’s good to follow a few fashion rules that tend to smooth one’s personal style. According to me, Fashion is all about wearing what I like & that can make me feel good.

10 Fashion Rules That Makes or Breaks My Look


6 Fashion Rules That Breaks My Look


1. Horizontal Stripes

10 Fashion Rules That Makes Or Breaks My Look


This one is especially a no for all petite like me! As Horizontal stripes tend to make me look broader than I actually am. But I still made it work a few times for my love for stripes.

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2. No High Necks Or Turtlenecks

Turtleneck tops and high neck tops look horrible on my body type. Especially the ones with full sleeves.


3. Roomy Shoulder Bags!

10 Fashion Rules That Makes Or Breaks My Look

I love all my roomy shoulder bags for sure! As I carry all my essentials everywhere I go, even to parties. They are definitely functional but look ugliest sometimes.

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4. Sneakers

Now, who wear sneakers to a party? Yes, I do! I love to flaunt my fav sneakers pairs all around! But can you imagine with a glam outfit? Even I can’t and thus I carry a pair of heels to such parties and put on my super comfortable sneakers as I’m out.

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5. Uncomfortable Clothes

Sometimes Uncomfortable shoes and clothes make me very feel conscious & tied up. This definitely reflects on my body language & facial expressions.


6. Loud Prints

10 Fashion Rules That Makes Or Breaks My Look

Pattern play is a big no-no on me! Big, bold prints ruin all my fashion game.



4 Fashion Rules That Makes My Look


1. Fitted Dress And Maxi Dress

Being a Busty Girl, I was often away from the too fitted and maxi dress and always opted for a shift dress instead. Shift dresses definitely looked flattering but seemed to be boring ever time. Who says the maxi dress isn’t for short girls? A maxi dress of correct size elongates my body. It’s all about choosing the right fabric that drew attention to my waist and v-neckline to nail my look!



2. V-Neck Tops

Initially, I felt a bit skeptical about wearing v-neck tees & tops as they tend to draw one’s eye attention to the chest. But these actually flatter my chest.

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3. Bold Lipsticks

10 Fashion Rules That Makes Or Breaks My Look

I wear all candies and bright reds even during the day. These add a super hot perky look, while subtle shades break my look.

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4. Say Yes To Neons

I am a big pop colour lover! Some say neon isn’t for dusky skin tone, but they make me stand out, especially the ethnic wear.

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Do let us know what are your Fashion Rules That Makes Or Breaks your Look !!!


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