A Letter From A First-Time Mom Of A Lil Angel

A Letter From A First-Time Mom Of A Lil Angel

Dear Moms,

This letter is to express my emotion of a new and First-Time Mom. Recollecting my days when I was just like you. I loved the feeling of my growing belly each day and my little girl’s moves & kicks, and of course her presence in me. I took thousands of pictures to keep all the memories alive forever.  The emotion of first-time mother-to-be was full of joy, excitement, love, blissful, and terrified at the same time. I had loads of question in mind among which few were solved by my mom and friends, while there were many Google search.


I still remember the super happy feeling with the confirmation of those 2 pink lines, the tears of happiness of giving birth to a tiny human. Initially, 9 months of pregnancy seemed a really long time, but it all went as if I just blinked my eyes. My tiny embryo grew so fast under my maternity wear. These 9 months were the most amazing moments of my life, everyone so caring and loads of “just me” time.

A Letter From A First-Time Mom Of A Lil Angel

A Letter From A First-Time Mom Of A Lil Angel

Even keeping aside many favorite clothes was special as it was for my body to accommodate my daughter. And then the shopping time for some new clothes and shoes.  The swelling, growing body and stretch marks that made me wonder, will I ever look the same again?


I remember how eager I was to see my baby and hold her after every sonography test. Being from “mother-to-be” to “mother has many beautiful memories when holding my baby and feel how much I wanted this lil one.  The tears of joy when she was born were truly unforgettable.


The hard yet fun time began when we knew she was a night owl! No night sleeps until she was 3. But buying everything so special and gentle chosen carefully like her nursery, tiny clothes, toys, gears, and of course all baby skincare products.


I still recollect how often did I touched my belly and had that beaming smile after her every kick inside. In fact even now when she hits her head accidentally over my belly, it brings back the feel.


Among the many great joys of entering motherhood, I literally fell in deep, deep and deep love. It makes me feel so special that I created this tiny one and just glare at all the miracles of a growing human being. Every milestone of my baby from her first roll over, sits, hold, stand, walk, the talk was a pride and cutest moments. We celebrated them all and of course didn’t forget to click our baby pictures. I made sure to capture all the big and small moments of her laughs, smiles, hugs & cuddles for wonderful memories.

A Letter From A First-Time Mom Of A Lil Angel

A Letter From A First-Time Mom Of A Lil Angel

A Letter From A First-Time Mom Of A Lil Angel

A Letter From A First-Time Mom Of A Lil Angel

A Letter From A First-Time Mom Of A Lil Angel

Motherhood definitely isn’t easy and has loads of hard times, but initially, they all pass and only good ones remain. So live even the tough days beautifully and with loads of love, and savor all the good memories.  The days may definitely seem a bit long and tough, but trust me they are short!

A Letter From A First-Time Mom Of A Lil Angel

With Love,

Mishti’s Mom


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A Letter From A First-Time Mom Of A Lil Angel

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