Trendy 9 Types of Wallets for Women

Trendy 9 Types of Wallets for Women

Wallets are amongst the most popular and trending accessories for both men and women around the world. Our most important possessions like cash, cards, identification documents, photos etc. are kept in them. Wallets in the market come in various shapes, sizes, colours, and materials. It’s up to you to have the desired one for yourself. While men’s wallets have minimal design along with a smart body, women like to have wallets with a variety of colours and designs. There are many wallets for women in the market. But finding a right one can be a cumbersome task. Don’t worry! We have curated the best types of wallets for you to select from. Have a look and know which wallets are trending for ladies in the world.


1. Card Case

Trendy 9 Types of Wallets for Women

Card cases are types of wallets designed to carry cards and some money. It has 2 to 12 card slots for the organised structure of your cards. This is an appropriate wallet when taking a quick trip to an area or in case of going to the gym. Carry it easily in your jeans and make your money handy with a card case.  

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2. Coin Wallet

Trendy 9 Types of Wallets for Women

If you are someone who always happens to keep coins in your pocket, a coin wallet is perfect for you. Such wallets come with a coin pouch along with many slots for keeping cards. This is perfect for the times when you like to have a light and easy-going wallet.

3. Bi-fold Wallet

Bi-fold is a traditional wallet designed with two folds. It is the most common wallet type used by people. A bi-fold wallet has one long compartment for keeping cash and multiple slots for business cards or credit cards, bills etc. Usually, these wallets come in a little thicker and solid material but can be easily put into back pockets.  

4. Trifold Wallet

Trifold wallets are similar to the bi-fold wallet but offer enough space for more stuff as it can be folded three times. It has one long compartment to keep your cash and many card slots. This is a good piece for those who handle money via many cards as it offers much-needed space for the users.  

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5. Wallet on a String

It is a wallet in the shape of a clutch with a string attached. You can see such wallets with chains too that help to enhance your look. This will go over your shoulder making you comfortable to carry it, that too without holding it in your hands all the time.   

6.Continental Wallets

Majorly known as long wallets, continental wallets are long spacious wallets to carry comparatively big items like passports, cheque books, unfolded bills etc. These are similar to travel wallets and are versatile products storing money in your pocket well.

7. Travel Wallets

Another name in this list is a travel wallet. A must-have piece for the Globetrotters! Women, go for this amazing wallet with enough space to keep cards, currencies, multiple passports, tickets etc. A handy shelter for your easy travelling.   

8. Clutch Wallet

Trendy 9 Types of Wallets for Women

The best wallet for everyday use as well as for occasions is a clutch wallet. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes making your money organization easy. Right from your money to personal stuff, you can add most of the things in a single wallet.  


As the name suggests, this wallet can be carried along by making a loop around your wrist. This is easy to hold plus offers a simple and quick way to store money. Wristlets come in a variety of colours and designs. Stuff it with your small items like money, coins etc. easily. Indeed a smart piece for regular use!

These are the most stunning wallets for women available easily in the market. Select the most optimal one for yourself or have a diverse collection of amazing wallets that perfectly go with your outfits. Women love wallets!

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