Qraa Namaya Intimate Lightening Serum Review

Qraa Namaya Intimate Lightening Serum Review

Women love the flawless skin that makes us feel happy and confident. But are we only talking about radiant body parts that are exposed? Definitely not, Dark skin on private parts is a very common problem among women. Well, No one likes that dark intimate area peeking through a sexy bikini. Hence, introducing you to Namyaa Natural Skincare Intimate Lightening Serum that is known to be the best skin lightening for intimate areas in just 6 weeks.

Let’s check Qraa Namaya Intimate Lightening Serum Review

Qraa Namaya Intimate Lightening Serum Review   

What Qraa Namaya Intimate Lightening Serum claims?

  • Proven to lighten and tighten your most delicate areas
  • Safe for private parts
  • Use of natural extracts and serums from plants

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Qraa Namaya Intimate Lightening Serum Review   

Price & Quality

Rs.750 for 100gm

Buy Qraa Namaya Intimate Lightening Serum

Also available at retail stores, modern outlets and e-commerce portals.

My views about Qraa Namaya Intimate Lightening Serum

This intimate skin lightening serum comes in a sleek white plastic bottle having a pump dispenser.  The packaging makes is travel-friendly as it doesn’t leak.

This intimate whitening cream comes in a gel form and is of golden brown colour. The mild fragrance can hardly be noticed and it proves that no fragrance has been added that is definitely a good point. This serum isn’t too thick or flowy and has a perfect consistency. It seeps into my skin instantly with just a single massage and doesn’t feel oily or stick. I have using intimate area lightening cream for four weeks and actually notice an improvement in intimate area skin tone.


Qraa Namaya Intimate Lightening Serum Review   

I especially love the cool and refreshing feel post application of this private area whitening cream. Firstly, cleanse the intimate area really well, pat towel dry & then apply this intimate whitening serum. Make sure you don’t wash it off. This best intimate whitening cream helps to keep my intimate area well hydrated without causing any redness or itching.

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Intimate areas are very sensitive and delicate and thus using chemical bleach for intimate parts isn’t considered an ideal option for private area lightening. This Intimate Lightening Serum is 100% safe as its made organic plant-based ingredients. It also claims to remove cellulite, tighten delicate areas, and remove wrinkles and scars.

Women often use intimate area lightening cream or intimate bleaching cream that are harsh on your delicate skin. Instead, Namyaa contains Kojic Acid that is very mild on the private parts.


Final Verdict on Qraa Namaya Intimate Lightening Serum

This is the best intimate skin lightening serum that contains natural ingredients. Hence the best solution for intimate area whitening that also helps to maintain your intimate body parts hydrated and fresh. The gel texture of his serum makes it super easy to apply and also helps to get rid of skin pigmentation on intimate areas.

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