How to Start Beauty Parlour in India

How to Start Beauty Parlour in India

In India, the salon industry is growing day by day because nowadays it becomes a necessity for girls and everyone wants to care their beauty even in the village’s girls, and women are going beauty parlour.  If you have skills and knowledge and if you’re going to open a beauty parlour then it is a good idea you can earn very well from a beauty parlour. This article talks about the incorporation of a beauty parlour in India so it will help you.

How to Start a Beauty Parlour

  • You have to make a business plan for your beauty parlour, first, you have to do market research so you will find about your competitor and their prices for services so this is very important so you can set your prices according to competition. After Market research, it will be easy for making a business plan, and you have to make a business plan for your services, staff, and equipment.
  • You have to decide that what type of services you want to provide to your customers because there are many types of services which can be offered to a customer in a beauty parlour like hair care, body care, waxing, manicures/pedicures, skincare, etc. so you have to decide that what type of services you want to offer to a customer because according to your services you have to purchase the equipment for your beauty parlour. [READ: How to do a perfect Manicure At-Home]
  • You can also sell the beauty products to your customer so it will generate more profit from your beauty parlour business, many beauty parlour sells cosmetic products so they can generate more profit from their beauty parlour.

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  • You have to purchase equipment for your beauty parlour, you have to buy chairs and other equipment for your beauty parlour and you have to acquire some beauty products so you can use that product on your customers and you have to hire some beautician for your beauty parlour so they can provide services to your customer.
  • You have to find a good location for your beauty parlour, if you have your shop then you can use this for your beauty parlour so it will save rent amount but if you don’t have your shop then you have to pay rent and finding a good location is very important because your parlour should be convenient for people so they can come to your parlour and take services from your beauty parlour.

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How to Start Beauty Parlour in India

  • As above mentioned you have to find a shop for your beauty parlour, after finding of shop you have to register your shop under shop act license from local authority as it is important to take permission from local authority before starting a beauty parlour and in case if your property on rent then you have to make no objection certificate from your owner that he has no problem if you are running a beauty parlour on his land and if you have good budget then you can invest in decorating your parlour, so your beauty parlour looks classy. [READ: How to Set Up Instagram Shopping [List]]
  • The most important thing for any business is a legal incorporation of business so you can start your business as a sole proprietorship firm Registration; if you are the only owner of your beauty parlour then you can begin to your beauty parlour as sole proprietorship firm as it is the easiest form of business. It does not require formal registration, but you can register your beauty parlour with related important registrations like PAN card, Udyog Aadhar, shop act license, trademark, and others. You can use above given registration as legal proof of your sole proprietorship firm. You can also start your beauty parlour with famous beauty parlour chains for which you have to take permission from them and have to pay some shares of profit.
  • After incorporation of beauty parlour you have to keep in mind that you have to pay income tax every year in prescribed time, so you don’t have to face any legal consequences. Income tax filing is very important for you because in case of failure you may have to pay a huge fine on it or you will get a punishment of imprisonment. You can pay your income tax on the website of income tax of India as you can now pay it online.
  • Online invoice format Vantazo is very comfortable, as you can create the document anywhere and anytime.
  • Promotion is very important for any business, and if you are running a beauty parlour then completion is very tough so you have to promote your beauty parlour and you can promote your beauty parlour on social media and it is very cheap.


If you are thinking of starting a beauty parlour then you should consider the above-given points and incorporation of a business entity is also important for securing your legal rights so you can incorporate your business as sole proprietorship if you are the only owner of your parlour and income tax filing is very important for everyone who is liable to pay tax so you should consider the all above given points so in future you may have not to face any legal consequences.

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  1. Though I have no plans of starting a beauty parlour, it was interesting to know the process behind starting one. You have given a very comprehensive list here including the legal formalities, marketing, market research and more.


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