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Corporate Diwali Gifts for Employees, Workers and Clients

Corporate Diwali Gifts for Employees, Workers and Clients

Diwali is the most popular festivals of India and is celebrated with joy and happiness to cherish relationships. Diwali is also known as “festival of light” and giving Diwali gifts is a tradition.  In India, it is a trend that companies give gifts and bonus to their employees to make them happy for better relationships. But why give the same mundane Diwali gift items to your employees? Get creative and think out of the box for gift ideas for Employees that are not just a Diwali gift formality but will also your employees, Clients and Workers happy.

Corporate Diwali Gifts for Employees, Workers, and Clients

Chocolate Boxes

Corporate Diwali Gifts for Employees, Workers and Clients

There are many available Diwali gifts online and beautifully designed Chocolate Boxes are everyone’s favorite. This is the easiest option if you can’t think of anything as Diwali gifts for corporate. In fact, the box top design can be customized as per the company. They can get their company logo printed on the box with a Diwali message or wishes. These make a perfect corporate Diwali gift ideas for clients and also best corporate gifts for employees.

Business Gifts Hampers

Beside chocolate boxes, Juices, sweet boxes, Dry fruits boxes, are also a very popular option for Diwali Corporate Gift Ideas. These days even organic Candles, unique shaped Diyas, and Lamps are preferred as a gift hampers.

Leather Items And Bag-Packs

Corporate Diwali Gifts for Employees, Workers and Clients

Grab some myntra coupons to buy corporate gifts online like branded Leather Wallets, Bag-packs or Pen Sets that is an amazing Diwali Gifts for clients. Such premium Gift items also represent the status of your company and are loved by anyone.

Eco-Friendly Gifts

Corporate Diwali Gifts for Employees, Workers and Clients

If go green is the aim of your company, even Diwali gift has to be chosen carefully.  Buy corporate gifts online for your clients that are Eco-Friendly. This is a new concept of giving Eco-Friendly Gifts, especially after the ban of plastic in India. There are many options to choose from like Eco-Friendly Pads, Wooden Table Clock, Eco-Friendly Bowl Set, Eco-Friendly Coaster Set, Eco-Friendly Jute Bags, Eco-Friendly Tumbler Set, Eco-Friendly Table Diary with Pen and much more. And if nothing among this makes you happy try gifting Nature wrapped in A Gift Box. Yes, Green Gifting This Diwali is the best option as potted plants. Choose from many options like lucky bamboo, money plants, Boston fern, bonsai, succulents or Foxtail Fern for Corporate Diwali Gifts Ideas.

Customized Diwali Gifts

Corporate Diwali Gifts for Employees, Workers and Clients

Company Brand definitely matters the most and thus many prefer to present Gifts items with company logos engraved. There are various options to choose from like T-Shirts, plates, Mugs & Desktop Gifts with Company Logo. Such Personalized Gifts are definitely the best idea for corporate gifting. One can make it more interesting by getting their employee’s name printed on the bottles, journals, photo frame and make even more special for their employees.

Household Items

Corporate Diwali Gifts for Employees, Workers and Clients

Some Companies prefer to gift their employees and workers that are truly useful and can also be utilized by their families. And thus Household items are often preferred as a Diwali Gifts. Household Items like Copper bottles, Thermas, Kitchenware, etc are mostly selected options as Diwali Gifts. In addition, even home decor items like Ganesha, Laxmi, or Saraswati, are given as a goodwill gesture.

Shopping Coupons/Vouchers

Gift shopping coupons of a good online shopping site like Myntra coupons, Shopper Stop coupons, etc to your employees this diwali. This gives them a freedom to choose their own gift and spend the way they like. While Gift Cards are also a great option as the employers don’t have to think about the gift too much. Such versatile gifts are definitely loved by all and suitable for all age’s people.


Corporate Diwali Gifts for Employees, Workers and Clients

With numerous innovations, electronic gadgets are the best corporate gifts. Choose from many ranges like pen drives, body fitness machines, portable workstation or Bluetooth speakers.

Gold Or Silver Coin

Items like the gold plated idol of Lakshmi & Ganesha and gold or silver coins are known to be the sign of prosperity & good luck. Hence, corporate gifting often considers silver or gold coin as a Diwali gift.

Healthcare Gifts

Corporate Diwali Gifts for Employees, Workers and Clients

This Diwali, show how much you care for your employees by gifting a healthy Diwali gift. Gift a fitness tracker band to your Employees or clients to show them you care. Also, healing gifts like Tea Boxes, Handmade Soap boxes, Skin care and makeup bags are ideal corporate gifts for Diwali. Tea is definitely the most loved beverage of any Indian. And gifting herbal tea will get the amazing health benefits with every sip.

Do Let Us Know What You Gifted Among Corporate Diwali Gifts For Employees, Workers And Clients!!!

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