8 Accessories Perfect for the Professional Woman

8 Accessories Perfect for the Professional Woman

Ladies in the professional realm are some of the fiercest creatures on the planet, in the best way. They can crush a to-do list, reach the most aggressive goals, and lead a critical meeting with grace; all while looking ready to walk down a runway. And that’s only the beginning. Accessories are the easiest (and most fun) way to amp up any look, and professional attire is no different. Show all those boys that girls run the world as you climb the corporate ladder in perfect style.

8 Accessories Perfect for the Professional Woman

Shoes to Shatter the Glass Ceiling

Every professional woman needs an amazing pair of black pumps that show everyone in the meeting you mean business. Just like how men pride themselves on a shiny new pair of dress shoes, your heels will make a statement about your commitment to your career. If heels hurt your feet too much, opt for some pointed-toe flats. This great alternative still looks incredibly sleek and serious but won’t leave your feet aching after a busy day. [READ: Different Styles Of Heels For Different Occasions]

The Perfect Blazer

Your outerwear says a lot about you in any circumstance, but especially at work. Finding the right blazer can really add a special touch to your office ensemble because it makes you look completely polished and ready for a promotion. Find a style and cut that suits your body type, go get it professionally fitted, and then wear it with pride. [READ: 5 Unexpected Benefits Of Lipsticks & Know Simple Hacks To Rock Your Lipstick!]

A Timepiece for Punctuality

A sleek, beautiful, high-quality watch will turn more heads than you might expect. A major part of appearing graceful and powerful is to show up exactly on time, every single time you have a meeting scheduled. Not too early, and certainly never late. Perfectly on time. But to make sure your timepiece doesn’t overpower the rest of your outfit, look for small women’s watches that are both elegant and functional.

Chic Frames

Glasses are trendier than ever. Not only do reading glasses protect your eyes from too much strain (even better if you have a prescription), but they are incredibly stylish as well. There are frames for every face, and a good shop will have super knowledgeable staff to help you find the most flattering pair for you. Plus, it’s no secret that glasses make you look smarter the moment you put them on. So to give off the impression that you are all about business, efficiency, and professionalism, you might want to invest in a pair or two of specs. [Read: Do You Know These 3 Ways To Style A Tunic Dress]

Classic Pearls

There is nothing more classic and feminine than a simple string of pearls. You really can’t go wrong. If you’d rather go for a slightly more modern take, opt for a pair of minimalist pearl earring studs. Pearls are a great way to say at the workplace, “I mean business and I’m not sacrificing my femininity to get there.”


On a similar strain, you’ve got to indulge in some bling. If pearls aren’t your thing, invest in another piece of jewelry that you absolutely love. Buy it with your own hard-earned cash—it’s like a promise ring for yourself and your career. Glamming up a power suit with a sparkly necklace is a great way to add your own personal touch to a plain outfit.

8 Accessories Perfect for the Professional Woman

Big Bad Briefcase

All the boys have one, so why can’t you? Even though trendy purses are fun, sometimes you might have important documents that are simply better suited to a locked briefcase. Plus, if you get a nice one that matches your overall style, it can truly take your professional life to the next level. Opt for a briefcase that’s high-quality leather so it can last you for many years as you climb to a higher level in your company. [READ: Going out to the casino? Here’s the ideal look for a luxurious night out gambling!]

Hands-Free Earpiece

While this isn’t necessarily a style piece, a hands-free earpiece is an absolute must for a busy working woman. Make the most of boring webinars and long conference calls when you can use your hands for something other than holding a phone. Whether you need to organize files, respond to emails, or cook a quick meal, a hands-free device will surely increase your productivity.

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For some women accessorizing your work wardrobe can feel like a chore, but it doesn’t need to be. Develop a simple style, curate a few choice accessories, and then wow everyone at the office with your fashion-forward work ethic.

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