5 Effective Ways to Prepare Your Skin for Fall

5 Effective Ways to Prepare Your Skin for Fall

As the climate is changing and fall is on its way to us, you can feel the winds getting dry and your skin demanding more moisture and more hydration.

Your oil-controlling products for skin will no longer work the same way and rather leave your skin dry and dead. You must change the way you treat your skin this season. The real challenge is to prevent the dull and flaking skin and keep it supple and healthy.

Here are some of the easy and additional ways through which you can keep your skin well-prepared for the climate change and keep it healthy and glowing:

Serums for Locking Moisture into the Skin

5 Effective Ways to Prepare Your Skin for Fall

The effectiveness of serums lies in their extremely light consistency. They are extremely hydrating and have the power to go down in the layers of skin and lock the moisture inside. If you want to prevent dry patches this season, apply two drops of any hydrating serum before going to bed and press it into your skin.

Make Petroleum Jelly Your Best Friend

Petroleum jelly has the ultimate power to soften the skin. Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly on your hands, feet and even under your eyes to keep the skin wrinkle-free and soft. Doing so will not only prevent fine lines but also brittle nails and patchy skin.

Drink Enough Water

It is a common practice that we tend to drink more water in summers and our water intake goes down in fall. Due to cool weather and less sweat, we do not feel the need of water much but it is still essential for keeping the body and skin detoxified. Therefore, keep a proper track of your water intake and if possible, carry a water bottle with you everywhere.

Use Sunscreen as a Necessity

5 Effective Ways to Prepare Your Skin for Fall

Sunscreen is not only to be used when the sun is all out and the heat is at its peak. You must use sunscreen regardless of the climatic changes. If you want to protect your skin completely from the harmful UV rays, sunscreen is essential in all season. Make it a permanent part of your skincare routine and apply it twice or thrice a day to prevent your skin from damage. Check out this blog post on the best sunscreen for acne-prone skin.

Exfoliate and then Hydrate

5 Effective Ways to Prepare Your Skin for Fall

These are the two skincare steps that you must follow once or twice a week in fall. However, your products must change for this season. Exfoliate the skin but your exfoliator should be a very mild one as the skin becomes sensitive in this climate. Also, your clay masks and charcoal-infused masks will turn your skin drier this season. Therefore, choose masks that are hydrating and have the capability to lock moisture into your dry and patchy skin.

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5 Effective Ways to Prepare Your Skin for Fall

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