8 Luxury Couture Fabrics to Create Stunning Gowns

8 Luxury Couture Fabrics to Create Stunning Gowns

The festive season is already in full swing, and you will definitely want to adore gorgeous evening gowns. Take some inspiration from fashion week and fill your wardrobe with stunning red carpet worthy gown for the special occasions. And if you love customized clothing, you’ll surely need best evening gown fabrics! Tissura online fabric store has an amazing collection of different types of fabric material for clothes to help you make your dream dress in the budget that fits you. They also have luxury fabrics for clothing to make your gown look extra dreamy, ethereal, feminine, and elegant.

8 Luxury Couture Fabrics to Create Stunning Gowns



8 Luxury Couture Fabrics to Create Stunning Gowns

Velvet is the fashion lovers favorite choice and is often used by fashion designers. The perfect shine, richness, depth, and drama of these exclusive Haute Couture fabrics can make your dress look extra sexy and vampy. These types of fabric have a very beautiful sheen and soft texture that makes it perfect for any formal or evening gown. This opulent fabric is also a perfect amalgamation of classic and contemporary choice for evening dress.

Rhinestone Fabrics

8 Luxury Couture Fabrics to Create Stunning Gowns

Carry your luxury with a dress made from Rhinestone Fabrics. You can buy this from an online fabric store for a very special occasion gown fabric. This fabric has been trending in the fashion world for its stunning details and luxury Rhinestone work.



Chiffon fabric for gowns is available in many different versions. They are either made from cotton, silk, cotton, synthetic fibers or rayon. This lightweight fabric is often considered to create a beautiful drape for evening gowns. It has an amazing plain weave, feels soft and supple and creates a Fine transparent look. This couture bridal dress fabric is an ideal choice for extra feminine formal dresses or summer wedding dress.

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High Fashion Silver & Golden Fabric

8 Luxury Couture Fabrics to Create Stunning Gowns

These luxurious fabrics are also known as liquid metal. It can fold & crease to highlight a silhouette.  The stunning Metallic threads add up more drama.


Exclusive Silk Fabric

Silk fabric has been an ideal choice for the gown with luxury & style. This exclusively designed silk will suit best for your fashion gowns for special occasions.  This opulent and chic fabric has gorgeous shine with perfect movement, depth & drama. It is the most popular fabric choice for formal evening wear for its lustrous shine.


High Fashion Tweed & Boucle

This iconic design has been in vogue in recent days.  Stunning tweed and boucle dress is such an understated yet stylish and elegant fashion. It can definitely make any woman’s heart leap for its unique and masterpiece characteristics.


Luxury Embroidered Fabric

8 Luxury Couture Fabrics to Create Stunning Gowns

Looking for a royal luxury fabric for your special dress? Different fabrics with embroideries can never go out of fashion. This fabric design is chic, timeless and trendy and the best fabric for gowns, prom, evening wear, bridal dress or bridesmaid dresses, and special occasion outfits. The stunning collection also comprises embroidered jacquards, appliquéd tweeds, feathered georgettes and much more.

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Exclusive Fur or Feather Fabric

Exclusive Feather Fabric is getting popular among fashion designers. This is the hottest trend on the fashion runways for its visual texture & gorgeous volume. Buy this buy fabric online valuable in many solid or bright colors to suit your choice.

While Exclusive Fur Fabric can add a special effect to your gown when added on accents or sleeves. This trendy faux fur is perfect to capture all attention and set a fashion mood!


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