7 Accessories You Need To Take On Your Travels

7 Accessories You Need To Take On Your Travels

You are a woman with the wanderlust. Grass grows under your feet, so you can’t stay in one place too long. In all of your travels, though, you still always feel like you’re missing something. You’ve either packed too much or you’ve longed for things you left at home. Just because you’re a gypsy at heart doesn’t mean you’re an expert packer, and we can help with that. When it comes to packing for travels, the key is to only bring a few outfits and accessorize well to make them look different each time you wear them. Read on for seven accessories you need to take on your travels.


1. Jewelry

Jewelry is a fantastic way to take one outfit and give it umpteen different looks. From statement necklaces and bangles to long pendants and dangly earrings, jewelry can take that basic LBD (little black dress) and make it look fresh each time you wear it. And as long as you are strategic about how you pack jewelry, you can bring quite a bit of it without causing it damage or it being a nuisance.

2. Shoes

No shoes, no shirt, no service, so these are a necessity. When it comes to traveling, though, shoes are probably the one item that you need to be the most strategic about. Some of them take up a substantial amount of room, and if you make a wrong selection and end up on a walking tour, you could end up with painful blisters. Choose something like the women’s loafer flats at Rothy’s; these that will be perfectly suitable for endlessly exploring the city that you’re in—while looking cute to boot.

3. A Hat

A hat is the perfect travel accessory, as it’s one thing that serves multiple purposes. It shields your face from the sun. It can help with a bad hair day. It can help one outfit look different. And if you choose the right one for your face shape, it will look fun and fashionable, too. From a trucker hat and newsboy caps to floppy hats and baseball caps from Bryan Anthonys, hat possibilities are seemingly endless. And because they (typically!) don’t take up a lot of room in your luggage, you can bring more than one.


4. A Watch

There are so many fabulous watches that are a part function, part fashion these days that a watch should be a no-brainer anyway. But it could also be crucial on a day when you’ve forgotten to charge your phone and you need to make it to the airport, bus, train, etc. on time. [READ: Things To Keep In Mind While Travelling]

5. A Large Scarf or Wrap

If you’re the type of traveler that sets out at the beginning of the day and often doesn’t make it back to her room until bedtime, a big scarf or wrap is key. It could be very hot when you start your adventures but get quite chilly by the end of the day. A jacket could be needed, too, but a heavy scarf and wrap can often do the trick. Even better, they take up less room in your suitcase and in your day travel bag.

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6. Sunnies

Even on chillier days, sunglasses are a must, as they protect offer much needed protection from the sun’s bright and damaging UV rays. Exposing your eyes to the sun without wearing sunglasses can be quite dangerous. And what’s good for you is that sunglasses are yet another way to make each ensemble look different. You could go for those fairly pricey classic Ray Ban aviators, but if you’re on a budget and want a different pair for each day, go for the trendy yet less expensive options.

7. A Travel Purse and Clutch

A large purse like a Hobo bag is ideal for a day of sightseeing, as it has plenty of room to hold a bottle of water, maps, snacks, and more. However, you’ll also want to pack a clutch for dinners, etc., as they tend to be more formal and are more convenient when it comes to size.

The perfect accessory will be your best friend during your travels, melding fashion and function to ensure a fantastic trip.

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