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5 Floral Gifts to Make a Corporate Event Successful in Mumbai

5 Floral Gifts to Make a Corporate Event Successful in Mumbai

A corporate event is an event that is sponsored by a company. It targets the clients or employees and could be organized for a special purpose, such as the launch of a new product, to celebrate the annual award function etc. Thus, business-purpose functions are very important for any organization. Many such occasions are held in metropolitan cities, and Mumbai is one of the first preferences for location. If you plan to hold a company event in this city, then you would also have to make provision of business souvenirs, which are usually given towards the beginning or end of the ceremony.

Floral gifts are one of the popular gifting options for formal functions in Mumbai. Flower bouquets are suitable option to greet guests and members, but there is a lot more to look forward to in floral souvenirs. If you are based in another city, then you need to send flowers to Mumbai at least a day before the meeting, or book for same-day delivery so that the blooms remain fresh when gifted to honorable members.  Right from the guests of honor to participants of the meeting, everyone is appreciated by being provided a reward or a token of appreciation.

Here we discuss the types of floral gifts you can choose for a corporate event in Mumbai:


Exhibitory Blossoms

5 Floral Gifts to Make a Corporate Event Successful in Mumbai

A bunch of petals is not just meant for appreciating someone, but these can be required to decorate conference table centers, stand plants, promotional bouquets, embellishing the surroundings and other purposes. Buy Business gifts


Flower Baskets

5 Floral Gifts to Make a Corporate Event Successful in Mumbai

If you think bouquets are too monotonous, then you can choose trendy flower baskets. There are several designs and shapes of baskets to choose from. What more! It is easy to send flowers to Mumbai arranged in baskets, as the baskets are usually made from jute or malleable materials, which are not breakable, thus simple to carry or transport.

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Flowering Plants

5 Floral Gifts to Make a Corporate Event Successful in Mumbai

A cute and small-sized flowering plant is a perfect present for a business occasion. This souvenir helps to express your gratitude for the members, partners, vendors, co-workers, and others. It is a memorable token since plants do not last just for few hours.

Floral Bouquets

5 Floral Gifts to Make a Corporate Event Successful in Mumbai

Grand floral bouquets are indispensable commercial gifts. It can be used for welcoming the chief guest and important members of the function. Similarly, lush bouquets can be presented to other participants of the occasion as well.

Flower Vases

5 Floral Gifts to Make a Corporate Event Successful in Mumbai

Vases are not just made from glass, ceramic, or metals, but also from wood and light-weight materials. You can choose vases that have an intricate pattern and then arrange beautiful blooms in them. Get the vases customized as per your needs, probably have the name of the person printed on it and make the item more personalized.

Below we have discussed how to send flowers to Mumbai to make a business meeting successful in the city:

  • Contact a local flower boutique or outlet, and organize the delivery of fragrant and colourful blooms. Choose an attractive packing material, as a presentation of gifts, makes a huge difference, especially if the meeting is for your company’s clients.
  • You can order the bouquets online and request for a delivery to be made at a specific time (if required). Purchasing from internet stores help you get heavy discount on bulk purchases.
  • If you have hired a corporate event planner, then do inform them if you need any specific type of floral arrangements. A reputed occasion management firm will know which blooms would be the best for the meeting.

Thus, if you are planning to hold a corporate function in Mumbai and looking for floral presents for the same, then consider the above-given options for utmost satisfaction.

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