A Week of Changes

A Week of Changes

Many people make resolutions each year that they do not keep. Lofty goals that are never met. We recommend that you start out small and try making simple changes for just a week. You will be amazed at what just seven days can bring. Read below and try our seven-day challenge. You will not be sorry! And remember that real transformation comes from within, so listen to your body and do what is right for you.


Day 1: Switch White Rice with Broccoli

A Week of Changes

Rice is a common pantry staple that is eaten regularly by many. Rice has many health benefits including regulating bowel movements, stabilizing blood sugar levels, boosting metabolism and reducing high blood pressure. But it is also a starch that can lead to weight gain if eaten too frequently. Try replacing one of your side dishes of rice with broccoli. You will add many vitamins, minerals, fiber and healthy phytonutrients. A simple way to do it is to toss fresh, raw broccoli into salads or cut broccoli into bite-size pieces and add to soups, stews and other main dishes at lunch or dinner. Broccoli can also be eaten as snacks on its own or by dipping florets into yogurt, low-fat salad dressing or nut spreads. You can also use it as a base for stir-fries.


Day 2: Workout Log

A Week of Changes

Like a food diary that tracks your food intake, workouts also need to be monitored. Write when, where and which type of workout you did in a log. Keeping accurate records of your workouts helps you check your progress and to see how you are performing. It will also keep you motivated and pumped for the next workout.

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Day 3: Sauna Therapy

A Week of Changes

Whether you go for dry or wet heat sessions, saunas are great for health. The steam and high heat make the bathers perspire which is a cooling mechanism of the body. Sauna therapy is an excellent way for your body to eliminate toxins, improve blood flow and relax the muscular and nervous systems. Sauna therapy may improve performance in endurance sports and may help lessen rheumatic arthritis pain.


Day 4: Meal Plan Ahead

A Week of Changes

The morning rush is not the ideal time to decide what you want to eat for the day. Find a day that you have more time and plan ahead your meals for the week. You can cut the veggies and fruits for snacks and prep meals that way you can just grab a container and go. Having a weekly plan will increase your likelihood of following through and eating more nutritiously rather than succumbing to the vending machine at work.

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Day 5: Garner Support

A Week of Changes

Tell someone about your health or fitness goals. By doing so, you will make yourself accountable. Allowing friends, partners or spouses to help you in your journey will help to keep you on your toes. Additionally, people will be less likely to enable you or sabotage your progress.


Day 6: Sleep

A Week of Changes

Sleep may be one of the most important components of health and losing weight. Sleep helps your muscles recover. When you don’t sleep enough, your cortisol levels rise, which triggers fat accumulation. Sleep deprivation increases ghrelin levels and feelings of hunger. You should aim for seven to eight hours of quality sleep every night, so make it your top priority.


Day 7: Eat More Vegetables

A Week of Changes

Add veggies at every meal and snacks. At breakfast, add diced veggies to scrambled eggs or smoothies, and at lunchtime or dinners add salsa to your main protein dish. Salsa is full of flavor and is packed with lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that can protect and repair the body from damage caused by multiple diseases. Cut raw veggies lengthwise and dip them in hummus, yogurt or nut butters for a healthy and filling snack. When you don’t get enough veggies or nutrients, try taking supplements. Check out for more information.

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