“I Am Scared, I Too Have A Daughter”

“I Am Scared, I Too Have A Daughter”

I am scared and angry, I too have a daughter. She is just 4 years old and I should be more worried about her initial days in school, her interest in playing outdoor games than cartoons and mobile games. But I am worried about her, every single moment when she is out and not with us. I make sure she does not leave my hands even for a second while walking on the road, in malls, grocery store, just everywhere… We keep her inside the house for most of the time and make sure she’s only out with us. In fact, I also keep an eye even while she’s playing and talking to her peer group.

I Am Scared, I Too Have A Daughter

Yesterday 14th April was birth anniversary of Dr.B R Ambedkar (Ambedkar Jayanti), the man who gave equal constitutional rights to women. Dr.Ambedkar fought for Hindu Code Bill and ensured equal rights to women in male-dominatedIndian society. But on this day, on opening my Facebook account and scrolling down I only saw articles and videos of kids who were raped (Nirbhaya, Asifa Bano, Kathua). The local people of concerned culprits are supporting them only for their caste and influence. And some remaining articles on Dr.Ambedkar only receiving abuse in comments for his caste, including women writing such comments. Rapists are receiving support and a reformer is receiving abuse. The rapists are still not convicted and India’s Man of Honor already convicted by politically brainwashed people.

 A caste in India only gives labor class treatment to a woman in her house and the same men poured millions of rupees for a Goddess outside the house. Dr. Ambedkar prayed and celebrated the real living Goddess, allowed her equal status by fighting for Hindu Code Bill. He resigned from his law ministry, a politician’s seat for women and today’s politicians are raping minor girls.

An Atheist is celebrating and supporting women and religious men are raping them, what kind of society we are we heading to?


I am scared to send my daughter to school, even there she isn’t safe. Kids have become killers to postpone their exam (Ryan International School, Gurugram case). What kind of pressure are parents putting on them? Teens have become rapists, what kind of culture, sacraments they are learning? Curiosity and lack of sex education could be the cause, but this is much bigger, what about ethics?I Am Scared, I Too Have A Daughter

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8 people, to an 8-year-old these words scare me to the core but what scares me the most is I too have a daughter. Every father has a feeling for his own daughter to harm anyone or take revenge even if she gets a minor scratch on her skin, but can’t we have the same feeling for other’s daughters? She would feel safe and secure knowing she has more fathers who too are concerned for her safety. You are not only killing the society when you kill a father who asked justice for his daughter but screwing it, ruining humanity by protecting his acts for his caste and influence.

I and my wife are always in a search for a good Child GPS Tracking Device these days, but couldn’t finalize yet. Can I get a tracking chip that we could hide into her skin? What have we done to Indian society, where a parent discusses tearing 4-year-olds skin and putting a chip for her safety?

Sometimes I feel like leaving the house and kill all such retards but a scared father can’t do this because his daughter and wife are still at home, among the hidden retards.

Author: Suprim Bele

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