9 Different Facelift Techniques Explained

9 Different Facelift Techniques Explained

In cosmetic surgery, facial rejuvenation is one of the most common procedures is. Over the last few years, we have seen a lot of research going into advancing the techniques and technologies that are used to bring about the fountain of youth closer to most people. Today, the number of treatment options available for facelift surgeries are many, and plastic surgeons have more room to help their patients achieve the desirable youthful looks.

We are going to look at the different types of facelift surgeries today.

Jawline rejuvenation

If you want to rejuvenate the region that is between the upper neck and the jaw, then this is the right procedure for you. To remove excess fat from the neck, liposuction can be done to sculpt the jaw-line. To make use of the excess fat that has been extracted, the excess fat can be used as a filler either on the cheek or on the middle part of the face to add more volume to the region. This procedure is common with people who have minimal skin laxity because there is no skin removal in this procedure.

Liquid facelift

9 Different Facelift Techniques Explained

The following products can be used to smooth folds and creases, fill hollow areas and plum lips without any surgeries: hyaluronic acid, lactic acid calcium or hydroxyapatite acid. Today, the most popular dermal fillers include Voluma, Sculptra, and Juvederm. If you want a procedure that takes less time and prevents any delays, then dermal fillers are the best treatments available. [READ: All About the Fibroblast Skin Tightening Procedure]

Mini facelift

Traditional facelift techniques used to have a major incision, but in mini lift procedures carried out today, smaller incisions are used which are less invasive. During this procedure, small incisions under the hairline are made allowing the surgeon to easily tighten the skin for the appearance of the neck and jowls to improve, as the excess tissue is removed.

Since mini facelift procedures are effective and simply done, they are usually referred to as “weekend facelifts” because you can have the procedure done on Saturday morning, and you can get back to work on Monday. The great thing about mini facelifts is that they provide less dramatic results if you compare them with the traditional forms of a facelift; this makes it ideal for people who notice early signs of aging and they don’t want to go for a full facelift.

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Mid facelift

9 Different Facelift Techniques Explained

If you want to go for a procedure that falls around the cheekbone area, then the mid facelift is the appropriate treatment that will be administered. In this procedure, the surgeon will make small incisions above the ears, in the hairline, and within the mouth. These incisions are done to reposition the cheeks fat pads that are over the cheekbones, as skin tightening is done in the same region. [READ: Mastic Gum – The Best Way to Improve Your Jawline]


9 Different Facelift Techniques Explained

The S-Lift procedure is used to treat the neck and the jowls region, which is the lower third area of the face. In this procedure, an incision that is “S” in shape is done to separate the underlying tissues from the skin. The surgeon will lift the skin to tighten the underlying tissue and the muscles. Once the incisions are complete, sutures are used to close the incision. Just like the mini-lift, the S- lift is a less invasive procedure that allows you to recover in a very short period.

Cutaneous Lift

For the issues that are in the lower face area of the neck, the cutaneous facelift addresses conditions in this region. In this procedure, the procedure incisions and made within the hairline around the ear for the doctors to cut off the skin from the muscles underneath. The excess skin will be trimmed and what is left is stretched to the incision point before sutures close it. Since the skin can stretch over time, this technique is not as durable as the rest of the procedures which use muscle tightening.

Quicklift and MACS Lift

MACS and the Quicklift are both improvements of the S-Lift technique that we have already looked at. These two procedures fall in between the traditional facelift technique and the S-Lift in results and invasiveness. The two procedures also require more time to recover compared to S-Lift, but they have dramatic results; this makes them ideal procedures for people who want to have mild aging on their faces.

Brow lift or Temporal Facelift

9 Different Facelift Techniques Explained

The brow lift, as the name suggests, is a procedure to improve the eyebrow. For individuals who droop or lower their eyebrows slightly, this is a great procedure that can help to lift the eyebrow region slightly higher without a full brow lift procedure that is totally invasive and needs long recovery time. Small incisions are made to lift the skin that is located on the sides of the eyebrows.

Traditional facelift

9 Different Facelift Techniques Explained

For individuals who are seeking an optimal treatment for a moderate to total facial aging, the traditional facelift is the most appropriate procedure. The hairline and the region around the ear are the places where incisions are made; additionally, incisions are also made below the chin. Di-section of the skin is done from the muscles beneath the face to the ones that are under the neck. Muscle bands on the front part of the neck are sutured together and divided to achieve a smooth contour and a well-defined neckline.

Removal of the excess fat on the neck and jowls is done as required, and redraping of the skin takes place naturally, while excess skin is removed on the front and the back of the ear. Once this is done, the surgeon can ensure that the desired results are achieved. After seven days, sutures are removed, and the patient can return to work in 10 days time. If you love working out, you can easily get back to regular workouts after 2 weeks of surgery.

All these procedures are available for the surgeons to provide the best services to their clients. For more information regarding the facelift procedures in Los Angeles, contact Dr. Andrew Frankel, MD FACS. Dr. Frankel is a renowned cosmetic surgeon with immense experience in both surgical and non-invasive procedures for facial rejuvenation.

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