6 Proven Health Benefits of L-Glutamine

6 Proven Health Benefits of L-Glutamine

Glutamine is an essential amino acid that helps in many body functions like building immunity, the block of protein and help to maintain good intestinal health. Our body naturally produces the amino acid, while you can avail this from many foods. However, a person with injury, illness, Muscle Growth and Recovery may need extra L-Glutamine supplements for good health.

Here are 6 Proven Health Benefits of L-Glutamine


L-glutamine can be naturally found in the variety of foods. Animal products contain the largest amounts of Glutamine due to their high protein contents. In addition, the other foods high in L-Glutamine are:

  • Eggs
  • Beef
  • Skim milk
  • Bone Broth
  • Cottage cheese
  • Asparagus
  • cod and salmon
  • Tofu
  • White rice
  • Corn

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Promotes Muscle Growth And Recovery

6 Proven Health Benefits of L-Glutamine

L-glutamine is consumed by people who want to increase their athletic performance, improve recovery of muscle, boost metabolism or build muscle. Intense workouts tend to make your body stressed and thus your tendons and muscle need extra glutamine than a normal diet. L-glutamine supplements help your muscles to fight and thus help in boosting the strength and repair the skeletal muscles. Glutamine supplementation also helps in quick recovery intense weight training by improving muscle hydration. Thus, glutamine is proven the best bodybuilding and athletic supplement.

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Gastrointestinal Health

L-glutamine is best to improve your digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, or any related leaky gut issue. This is an essential nutrient for your intestines to repair and rebuild. With regular usage of L-Glutamine improves healthy gut immune response.


Helps Ulcers And Leaky Gut

The leaky gut syndrome can cause autoimmune disease and thyroid issues. In fact, many other health issues like arthritis, psoriasis caused due to the leaky gut can be improved by supplementing with L-glutamine.


Brain Health

6 Proven Health Benefits of L-Glutamine

Glutamine is well known to boost your brain health. Low glutamine can lead to brain problems, Reye’s syndrome, bipolar disorder, epilepsy, depression, anxiety, and also alcohol addiction. Consuming Glutamine also helps to stall brain aging.


Improves Diarrhea

Glutamine improves diarrhea, as it balances the mucus production that helps in healthy bowel movements. People with Hashimoto’s or underactive thyroid must consume L-glutamine in their hypothyroidism diet.


Improves Diabetes And Burns Fat

6 Proven Health Benefits of L-Glutamine

High HGH levels after consuming glutamine supplementation increase metabolic rate and thus improve the EPOC post-exercise. This is essential for weight loss, burning fat, & building lean muscle mass. This also suppresses insulin levels stabilizing the blood glucose level.


Disclaimer: Do consult your doctor before consuming any supplement for proper dosage


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