Style Issues! When Sarees Seem Too Much Of A Trouble!

Style Issues! When Sarees Seem Too Much Of A Trouble!

The famous designer Sabyasachi recently was under the fire and also, the hailstorm for his opinions on women who don’t know how to wear a saree and finding draping a saree quite troublesome and a messy affair. Well, if you have ever tried wearing one, you know what we are talking about. I, for one, used to wonder how exactly the women around me used to wear so many layers and still being able to walk so gracefully and work! I couldn’t dream to do that until of course, I mastered the art.

Yes, wearing an every day saree isn’t rocket science but an art and as Ralph Valdo Emerson has put it, every artist starts as an amateur.

In this edition at Bharat Sthali, we are addressing and solving the issues that plague a novice saree lover! #sareeproblems

I find it difficult to walk in a saree!


Style Issues! When Sarees Seem Too Much Of A Trouble!

Yes, everyone fears to trip and stumble, crossing the fine line between swagger and stagger while wearing a saree for the first time. Heck, I was conscious and scared to death of somebody else stepping on the pallu and causing me to trip. What an epic fall it would have been! However, for such fears make sure that you haven’t draped your saree too low. Besides, to practice an elegant walk, you can always start to wear it at home when your mother is there to help you out! Always remember practice makes a man perfect and women are born perfect. (PJ!)


I can open up a shop with all the pins I tuck saree in

Style Issues! When Sarees Seem Too Much Of A Trouble!

Well. Well. Well. You got yourself a part-time business lady!
Joke apart, how many pins do your mother use for the saree? Two. Yes, just two! One for the pallu and one for the pleats. The idea is to choose the right skirt or petticoat underneath and tucking the saree in the right manner, which takes patience. If it is just the beginning of your saree love, there isn’t anything wrong with wearing a saree and being pulled by magnet due to all those pins attached to it.


I think saree is quite exposing attire for office wear. The thought of my navel peeking out now and then makes me too conscious.

Style Issues! When Sarees Seem Too Much Of A Trouble!

Well again, your underclothing does the trick here. You need to wear the right petticoat/skirt that is your size and fits your waist accordingly. If you aren’t comfortable wearing a drawstring, use an elastic band that adjusts to your waist and is flexible. Once you have that, you can bid farewell to navel exposure.

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How do you go to the washroom again?
Style Issues! When Sarees Seem Too Much Of A Trouble!

Agreed, it is the most ‘gross’ shudders thing that you need to do while wearing a saree. You can’t even go away without doing it now, can you? Well, patience and practice are the keywords. When you wear pants, dresses or jumpsuits to work, you take some time out to straighten that out as well, right?


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Have any more questions? Let us know! We are here to hear you out and put your saree fears to the rest!

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