Top Tips For Shorter Women To Appear Taller Without Heels

Top Tips For Shorter Women To Appear Taller Without Heels

Height is a God gift to you! If you are short in height, then accept it the way you are even if it creates odd ends for you. There are ways to look taller than before without using the traditional high heels. These are fashion tactics, followed by many women with short height like you to create an illusion of height.

You may probably be aware that using high heels may cause health issues such as foot pain, back pain, leg sprain, and injury in tendon and foot malfunction. If you have minutely observed someone, wearing Indo Western Gowns, you will be convinced that you too can look taller. Below are few top tips.

Top Tips For Shorter Women To Appear Taller Without Heels

  1. Monochrome Outfit

Use darker colors like navy blue, black, brown, green, charcoal gray, dark tan or purple, from head to toe. The one vertical line color will give the illusion of increased height. Any disparity in color makes you look short.

2. Vertical Strips

Whether you use, jeans shorts, stripes pants, dresses or suits, ensure that they have striped prints or thin vertical stripes, combined with cardigans or open straight jacke.

3. High-Waist Bottoms

Use high-waist bottom with a crop top or tucked-in tailored blouse. Skinny jeans or shorts too can create the same illusion. But, avoid it when you have a pear-shaped or straight body.

4. V-Neckline

If you are in a petite frame, use V-Neck tops or plunging, t-shirt, shirt with shortens sleeves, so that your neck appears longer, thus adding the illusion of increased height. The top should not go below your hip-line

5. Jeans and Trouser

Use high waist, skinny, slightly flared and straight leg jeans or trousers. Avoid using trousers with bulky pockets and pleats and cuffs or bell bottom pants.

6. Dresses and Skirts with Slits

If your slit is on the back or the side, it makes your leg look longer. You can use a long gown dress or skirt with a slit on the side. Avoid using calf length clothing.

7. Skirts or Maxi Length Dresses

In order to look slimmer and taller, use pleated maxi skirt, monochromatic gowns, floor length maxis or empire waist gown. Avoid highlighting the uneven points

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8. Salwar Suits

For elongating your frame, use a little longer kameez, with a darker color and Chinese collars with the closed neck. Puffed sleeves will add to your virtually elongated height. But, if you have a comparatively broader shoulder, avoid using Chinese collar, puffed sleeves and kameez ending, just below your hips.

9. Lehenga

Use a mermaid-style or A-line Lehenga made of raw silk, or brocade and jacquard silk. See that you’re Lehenga has d-tail embroidery work in a vertical design; your choli should be shorter in length, with square or U neck and deeper backs.

Alternatively, you can opt for strappy one off-shoulder with short choli with three-fourth sleeves. Drape your dupatta over one shoulder so that the vertical design of border falls from your shoulder to your knee.

10. Saree

Chiffon, Shimmer or Georgette sarees stick to your body shape. If you use these sarees with a short border or no border with vertical prints or small prints, people will fail to observe your short height, even when you are without your high heels.

11. Long Kurti Designs

If your kurti ends at your knee, it is visually divided onto two, and you look short. But if your kurti is long in length, the onlookers see the continuity of the fabrics and get the illusion of more height than the actual. If you want to use palazzos, ensure that the bottoms flow in the same line as the kurti. This neat look will make you taller than your actual length.

Top Tips For Shorter Women To Appear Taller Without Heels

12. Floor-length Anarkali Suits

This suit worn by Madhubala; as Anarkali, in Mughal-e-Azam is still the symbol of grandeur, opulence, and beauty. Besides being the most preferred dress on weddings and other high profile parties, those intending to look taller, find this dress as the best option. The floor-length Anarkali suits revolutionized Indian fashion in 2015.

As the name suggest, the end of the dress touches the floor, and under-worn churidar is out of views. You can use single- colored or two-toned Anarkali suit with a V-neck and sleek borders. Avoid using too much flare as it may have a counter effect. Use a kurta ending above your knees

There are a number of options available for you to make you look taller, without using high heels. It is for you to make the right choice according to your taste, age and of course, your budget.

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