Tips to Keep Your Banking Transaction Secure

Tips to Keep Your Banking Transaction Secure

Our online transactions like shopping, medical records or banking are sensitive, and valuable things that exist in our life. And banking transactions are the essential things that need special care. Thus, we guard and protect our banking online accounts through passwords. Both ATM money withdrawal and net banking use password procedures to protect our valuable information.

Let us check few Tips to Keep Your Banking Transaction Secure


These days we do everything using a computer and most of the things online. This surely makes our life simple but sometimes this can get destroyed for security concerns. Hence, to create awareness, SBI has shared a few tips on computer security and how to safely use IT relating to various channels.

Tips to Keep Your Banking Transaction Secure

We already know State Bank of India, also known as SBI is a 211-year-old organization. They often re-invent themselves regularly to meet their all customer’s needs. They keep coming up with new products to fit every need of their customers. In an IT-driven business environment all the needs are met through advanced technology products. Hence, the bank has listed few “Awareness” tips for safe banking usage.


A) Tips to Keep in Mind While Using a Debit Card

  • You must take utmost care of your personal ATM PIN.
  • Never share your ATM PIN with anyone.
  • Make sure to change your ATM PIN at regular intervals.
  • Never write your ATM PIN at any random place.
  • Your PIN must be a bit complex, unlike the regular ones like 1234, 4545, 2223 that are easily guessable.
  • Never hand over your ATM card to the waiter at Restaurants. Go to the Payment Counter yourself to get the card swiped in front of you.

Tips to Keep Your Banking Transaction Secure


B) Tips to Keep In Mind While Net Banking or Internet Banking

  • For any “online” transactions, make sure your Internet Connection is safe.
  • Take utmost care while using Public WIFI or any other Free WIFI.
  • Don’t get tempted by any free offers & swipe your Card data.
  • Never share your “mother’s maiden name”, or “your pet’s name”. These are vital information given by you to answer your banking “Security Questions” and also for resetting passwords.
  • Always maintain your User ID & Password confidential.
  • Keep a STRONG PASSWORD that is not easily guessable.
  • Keep your mobile number registered in the Bank accounts to get SMS Alerts.
  • Only keep the required beneficiaries list for money transfer.
  • Do not ever share your OTP/CVV & Password with anyone.
  • Always Logout properly & immediately as your complete your work.
  • Keep Checking your bank statements & transaction history at regular intervals.

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Tips to Keep Your Banking Transaction Secure

  • Please be beware of such fake calls. Bank will never call you for asking any sensitive data.
  • Malicious calls cab either tempt or threaten you asking for such sensitive information.
  • Be cautious of such telephone calls when it’s related to your financial transactions.


Hope this post helped you know- Tips to Keep Your Banking Transaction Secure!!!

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