Sunlight could have a Negative impact on your Skin

Sunlight could have a Negative impact on your Skin

Natural elements are some of the greatest influencing factors behind the lifelong changing states of the skin. Mammals, and especially humans, have a quality of their skin that actively prevents the weather and natural conditions from wreaking havoc on their skin. Some animals do not have this, which is why they have to either constantly hydrate the skin, or stay away from harsh natural elements altogether.

Fortunately, humans already have a defense mechanism built into the body; that specializes in protecting all the layers of the skin from external damage. Still, not being careful when there is too much sunlight, or working to increase some of the otherwise positive effects of sunlight on the skin, can intensify the negative impact. To that end, following is a list of detrimental results which occur due to excessive sunlight-based damage; as well as how to prevent said effects. You can read more about skincare tips at


Epidermal Damage due to Sunburn

Sunlight could have a Negative impact on your Skin

The sun, when shining very brightly for prolonged periods of time, can slowly burn the top layer of the skin. This usually happens in the summer months when you expose yourself to the sun for too long. At the more extreme end of the sunburn spectrum, you have blisters, reddened skin that is painful to the touch, and some amount of swelling.

If you are particularly sensitive to sunlight, you can have painful patches of redness and the aforementioned blisters, and sometimes even nausea and headaches. That’s all the more reason to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.

The Solution

The best way to avoid sunlight is to wear protective hats and/or scarves that cover the head. These have to be made of a material that does not conduct too much heat, and preferably of a lighter color, since darker colors absorb more sunlight. You can also use sunscreen lotion if you are going to the beach in the summer, and if the sun is shining a bit too brightly.



Heat Rashes

This type of damage is closely related to the aforementioned sunburns, and it happens in the same way as blisters form. The sweat ducts, which are responsible for secreting the salty water (sweat) that keeps our skin cool, sometimes are unable to release the sweat on to the skin. This causes the sweat to remain under the top layer in small deposits, which multiply to cause a rash. This can be quite painful and may become infected if scratched and not treated for long.

The Solution

Heat rashes need to be treated immediately by stepping into a colder area such as air conditioning or under shade. In case the rash has already progressed, keep the affected area as dry as possible, to avoid bacterial infections and further inflammation. Drinking cold water can also help, while you are either standing in shade or under air conditioning.



UV Damage

Sunlight could have a Negative impact on your Skin

Ultraviolet rays are damaging to the skin; that is understood. However, it is how they are damaging, that’s not as well known. UV rays penetrate into the skin and cause cell death as well as darkening. This, when prolonged over time, can cause widespread damage and even result in more serious skin diseases. This is why it is recommended to never expose your skin to the sun for too long if you live in a big city, as bigger cities usually produce more pollution and the ozone layer, which keeps out UV rays, is thin in areas of concentrated pollution.

The Solution

Always wear sunscreen if you are stepping into the sun for too long. Additionally, you can wear lighter clothing as well as caps and hats, to protect from sunlight. If it is not too windy, carry an umbrella for even more sun protection without having to use chemicals or dressing for the sunlight!



Skin Cancer

In the worst-case scenario, prolonged exposure to sun rays can result in melanoma, which is a relatively rare but nevertheless problematic condition that is becoming increasingly common. Tanning beds are also to blame for this, and it is also the reason why many young people are becoming afflicted with it.

The Solution

The best thing to do if you suspect cancer is to consult with a dermatologist immediately. Self-medication is not advised since it can sometimes result in the condition going unnoticed until it is too late and surgery is needed.

Always consult a medical professional before trying out a new cosmetic product as well, to avoid allergies and conditions which may elevate due to already existing sun damage.


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