Why Is It Important To Use Eco-Friendly Hair Products

Why Is It Important To Use Eco-Friendly Hair Products

Today’s consumers have become more concerned with their own health and the health of the environment. For this reason, they have begun to turn towards eco-friendly hair products. Consumers are using their buying power to purchase hair products that are both better for them and better for nature. Consider some reasons to switch to environmentally friendly beauty products…

If you don’t look for eco-friendly hair products, you will take two major risks:

* You will expose your own hair, skin, and body to harsh chemicals that won’t be good for you in the long run.

* The chemicals you use in your hair will eventually get washed down the drain and into the water supply. There, they may harm wildlife, plants, and in turn, even people.

What’s the Problem With Hair Products That Aren’t Eco-Friendly?

Why Is It Important To Use Eco-Friendly Hair Products

These are some harsh chemicals that are commonly included in hair products today:

* Sodium Lauryl Sulfates

* Mureth Sulfate

* Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate

* Derivatives of Lauryl Alcohol

* Siloxanes

* Olefin Sulfonate (This is another name for deodorized kerosene.)

* Propylene Glycol (This is also in antifreeze.)

Typical shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products that contain these harsh chemicals can dry out and damage your hair. However, the problems won’t stop just with your hair. The pores in your skin will also absorb these chemicals and can put you at risk for allergies and diseases. Some of them may even be carcinogenic over time.

You buy these products to improve your hair, but more often than not this may not be the case. The chemicals actually reduce hair follicle size and irritate oil glands in your scalp. In the end, you may suffer from lost or thinning hair because you purchased products that were supposed to make your hair healthier, thicker, and better. Obviously, the first problem you will have when you use these kinds of products is that you can damage your hair and even make yourself sick.

How Traditional Hair Products Hurt the Natural Environment

Why Is It Important To Use Eco-Friendly Hair Products

Of course, the problems only start with the way these harsh chemicals can hurt you or make you sick. Each time you shower or bath, you rinse off these hair products. That means that they will get flushed down the drain, into the sewer, and eventually, they will return to the water supply.

This is so incredibly harmful to fish and aquatic life as they are ingesting the chemicals in the water and food that they need to live. Eventually, other animals and people will consume this contaminated food and water. Using harsh chemicals contributes to pollution and contamination. People who want to enjoy a healthy environment and leave that kind of environment to their children and grandchildren should consider stopping using hair products with harsh chemicals. [ALSO READ: The Best Travel Hair Brush Every Girl Needs to Carry on Vacation]

How Can You Benefit From Eco-Friendly Hair Products?

Why Is It Important To Use Eco-Friendly Hair Products

We have discussed the negative impact of using shampoo and other hair products that contain harsh chemicals. However, this wasn’t meant to be discouraging. You can find natural and eco-friendly products to use that won’t hurt the environment and can actually help you look and feel your best. To enjoy these results, you can simply look for eco-friendly hair products.

These natural hair products contain organic products that are closer to the oils that your own skin produces.

* You will find that they promote the growth of new hair by stimulating your hair follicles.

* You can use these products to infuse organic oils, minerals, and herbs into your hair and scalp.

* You should find that these products are very unlikely to cause allergic reactions because they aren’t toxic.

* Instead of having to use a strong perfume to cover the scent of chemicals, the companies that make these organic products leave them with a mild, natural scent.

In other words, these products will actually deliver the nutrition and support to your hair that can help make it healthier. If they get absorbed by the skin on your scalp or hands, you will find they just make them softer and not irritated. They will also help your hair and skin retain moisture for a healthier and younger look!

More importantly, you will find that these natural products are biodegradable. They are created from the kinds of things that you could eat in food-grade versions of the products. They won’t hurt you, fish, plants, or other people. Using natural hair care products helps you stay healthy, along with doing your part to help preserve a healthy environment all around you.

Why You Should Start Buying Natural Hair Care Products Today

If somebody asked you to dump harsh chemicals down the drain or directly into your local lake, you would refuse. However, by using many traditional hair care products, that’s exactly what you are doing. Only before you are dumping these chemicals in the water supply, you are first dumping them on your own head.

Companies that make cheap, synthetic hair products spend a lot of money to market their shampoo, conditioner, gels, and other products. They certainly don’t tell you that they use some of the same chemicals that you could find in kerosene and antifreeze. If they did, you most likely would never purchase their products.

How To Find Natural And Eco-Friendly Hair Products

Why Is It Important To Use Eco-Friendly Hair Products

It’s easy to shop for healthy alternatives when you know how. Simply read the labels. If you see ingredients that you cannot pronounce, you should probably look them up to see what they really are. Instead, look for products that only have the fewest amount of ingredients listed. Some examples that eco-friendly hair product manufacturers use include organic hair oil such as coconut, argon, and almond oil, shea butter, and tea tree oil. If you see chemicals included that you are unsure of, you should stay safe and leave them on the shelf.  Your hair, body and the environment will thank you!

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